On a mobile, an app looks just like a tiny square symbol that contains some graphics inside it but in reality, it is more than just that. The icon of an app can be the telling difference between a highly popular app that gets downloaded very often and an app that does not draw the attention, hence get overlooked. It is important for an icon to be a lot more than just draw attention. An app icon must give out a compelling look and hence force users to click on it. The design should be such that only by looking at the icon, users can make out what the app is all about.

So for any app developer, like Simpalm, who incurs quite a decent amount towards an app development cost, it is important to make the app icons worthwhile, so that users click on them and get what they intend to.

Now, let us go deep into each of these types of aspects and discuss the tips regarding how can one designs app icons to grab the users’ attention:

Try To Know Your Target Audience:

There is absolutely no golden rule behind the designing of apps. If something works for the audience, then it is right. Now, this is the reason why a developer needs to know their audience inside-out. What attracts their attention, what kind of stuff they love and exactly what would make them click on your icon are things, developers need to know. They should start off by analyzing the customer demographics. If the app is for shopping purpose, the target market is young professionals, who have good jobs and sufficient money to spend. As time will be at a premium for them, ideally the app should allow them to buy the finest products in the minimum possible time.

Be Clear About What You Want To Show:

We know, Simpalm is a popular app development agency, who carry out a lot of effort while trying to formulate design strategy on exactly what they would want to show to the audience through the app. Their internationally acclaimed User Interface, as well as User Experience designers, make sure that their app should provide a lot of expectations and also make them look forward to having a great experience. This is where clarity comes into play. Other app development companies like Simpalm must make sure to deliver whatever they promise to their audience.

Adhere To The Trends And Guidelines For Design:

As designing requires a lot of creativity, so it is important for developers not to get tied down by trends and guidelines. Developers have the complete freedom to create icons, which seem to be perfect for them. Only thing is that they need to adhere to the size of the icon and some basic requirements.

Focus On The Brand:

For any app developer, just like Simpalm, which is an app development company in Chicago, while designing an app icon, they must make sure that apart from being attractive, it should be a source of branding. The design should be such that users will not easily forget but rather they would be etched in their memories and stand out from the rest.

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