Curtain Cleaning Tips You Need to Know About

Curtains are significant elements of the home décor. Maintaining them in a proper way is very important to have optimal health and environment. People happily choose the best curtains according to their taste and check several times whether it will fit into their home décor or not.

However, people forget about the curtains once they hung them. Curtain Cleaning is equally as important as cleaning the upholstery, carpets, ducts, and kitchen etc.

Normally, curtains catch the dust and dirt easily as compared to other items in the house. People perceive that curtains are very difficult to clean and it will take long hours to complete the process.

But, with the small move, you can maintain the cleanliness of your curtains for a long time which will save your time in cleaning them.

Here are a few Tips which will Help you to Maintain The Cleanliness of your Curtains:

  • Regular Vacuuming

    By vacuuming your curtains frequently by using the upholstery attachment, you can eliminate maximum of dust and dirt from the curtain. As results, your curtains will look clean and shining for a long time and the life of your curtains are effectively increased.
  • Machine Wash

    Not all the curtain fabrics are washable through the machine. There are different types of curtain fabric each of them requires the own special Curtain Dry Cleaning method to keep them clean and hygiene. Some of the fabrics are easily washable through washing machine while some of them are advised to follow the manufacturer instruction.
    While cleaning the curtains in the washing machine make sure your machine is not fully loaded because it will affect the color of the curtains easily. This is not possible with all the cases; somehow, professional curtain cleaning is best for such fabrics that you cannot handle on your own.

  • Polishing

    Test patch- before you start the Curtain Steam Cleaning process on your own, it is advised to read and understand the manufacturer’s instruction carefully to avoid the color or fabric damages. Many of the manufacturers instruct to test for the patch. Before you introduce any new cleaning product to your curtains first apply a little solution on the corners of your curtains and check how the fabric reacts for the particular product. Through this, you can easily save your curtain if anything goes wrong.
  • Spray Bottle

    This will keep your curtain always fresh smelling. Make a mixture of fabric softener and water in the spray bottle and spray the solution on the curtains. This will eliminate the odor from the curtains and gives a refreshing smell.

For best results vacuum the curtains one in a month to avoid accumulation of dirt and dust on it. Curtains should be equally maintained like other products in the home because it stands as a barrier to the dust and dirt entering home. in case if you cannot clean the curtains on your own, it is highly recommended to hire Professional Curtain Cleaning Services which will provide clean and fresh curtains without damaging the curtain fabric and color.

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