The 5 Must Do’s For Smart Homes

You recently bought your own smart home products. Or perhaps you are looking for some advice before you purchase any devices. Here are a couple pointers to help you. Read on to find the 5 things you need to do in your smart home.

The Basics About Smart Homes

This technology is nothing new really. It’s simply combining existing technologies with basic domestic appliances. So your smart oven will now have an onboard computer. A Computer that connects to the internet in the same way your smartphone does. It uses a technology called the Internet of Things (IoT) to do this. IoT will serve as the communication method for all your smart home devices. Now, let’s get into the lightly technical side of things.

1. Make It Interactive

You must make sure that your devices are able to communicate. Be sure to have enough bandwidth on your home internet connection to carry all of your devices. All your smart devices must be able to receive a Wi-Fi signal. Think about installing Wi-Fi range extenders to reach any devices that are beyond your current reach.

Products from differing brands can struggle to interact. Buy a smart assistant to help this cause. Smart assistants create a virtual platform on which all your devices can be accessed. It serves as a mediator between your different devices.

2. Encrypt Your Network.

As mentioned earlier, this isn’t rocket science. The basic connectivity of your smartphone is installed onto domestic devices. Smart devices are able to access the internet. However, your smart appliances won’t necessarily have their own dedicated antivirus software.

Encrypt your home network. Use WPA2 encryption to secure your network against any cyber attacks. This masks your network to make it hard for hackers to intercept your information. Network encryption helps to secure any other devices without antivirus software.

3. Create a Separate Network For Guests

Encryption stops attackers from outside your network. But, you still need to make sure everything on the inside is clean and safe. Smart devices are at risk of the same malware and viruses that plague normal computers.

Create a separate network for any guests to operate on. You never know what might hide on devices you don’t own. It’s hard to control the content of guests’ devices. So create a separate network apart from your home network on which guests can have Wi-Fi.

4. Switch Off Unused Features

Smart home products have amazing features. It even uses Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI will help to advance the automation of your smart home. But, these capabilities can be used against you if you aren’t careful.

Unnecessary Internet Connections

Smart home products are popular. You might be buying a product for its great quality. Understand the product’s capabilities before you install it at home. Be sure to disable any features you aren’t using. Stop your smart oven from connecting to the internet if you aren’t going to use it. It may unknowingly give a hacker access to your network.

Voice Command Purchases

Voice command is one of the rising trends in the smart home industry. 72% of Americans want their smart devices to have voice command capability. You’ll be able to buy groceries over your smart refrigerator. By a simple voice command. But anyone will be able to do it. So, disable voice command purchases. It will stop your kids from making any unwanted purchases.

5. Change Factory Usernames And Passwords

Any smart devices require username and password details. Smart home products will be issued with factory settings. Make sure to change the factory issued username and password. Hackers will now the default username and password of your devices.

Apply the basic password guidelines. Don’t reuse passwords. Change it often. Change it especially whenever you suspect any malicious cyber activity.

Prevention Is Better Than A Cure

These different words of advice can help to save you lots of effort. It may even save you money as well. Hackers often gain access to data and hold it ransom for money. You don’t have to fall victim to any attacks. Employ these tactics to secure your smart home.

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