Taking Care Of Your Hair During Pregnancy

The moment you are pregnant you face up to a lot of changes not only in your body but also your hair. During 9 months you can expect some good hairy days. A degree of voluminous or lush can be expected that you might have never seen before.

Let us now explore some natural ways to take care of your hair during pregnancy

Keep away from chemical treatments

Do not colour your hair when pregnant as colours can make their way on to the scalp which may passing on the new born baby. In addition colouring could pave way for allergic reactions. Experts are of the opinion that pregnant women need to stay away from bleaching or colouring their hair.

Regular trimmings are a must

Even during pregnancy you should go for hair trimmings once in a month. During this phase you are expected to face up to good hair growth that would be devoid of rough edges or split ends. To ensure proper hair growth it is necessary that you trim your hair a couple of times during the year.

Choice of a quality shampoo

It is advisable to stick to Ketomac shampoo as they promote hair growth along with scalp of your hair. In maintaining a healthy scalp it keeps dandruff away. It is the best shampoo for dandruff and itchy scalp as experts have given their thumbs up.

Do not comb wet hair

To detangle them most women have a habit of combing their wet hair. The hair appears to be at a weakest phase when it is wet. If you comb wet hair chances of breakage increase. It is always better to wait for the hair to become dry, and then a comb with wider teeth would be an option to dangle hair.

Choose a conditioner

Not only choice of good shampoo is important, but you need to invest in a quality air conditioner as well. The reason being it incorporates a protective layer of your hair and makes it manageable and soft. In addition to an air conditioner you can purchase a hair serum that you can leave on your hair for added protection and sheen. Since there is plenty of hair serum in the market chooses one that does not have harmful chemicals.

Oil massage

It is a must to massage your hair and scalp with oil. Using warm oil would be better because it has better penetrating power and positive results are assured. Olive or coconut oil can be used for massaging as well. Some people do like to mix two or three types of oil and apply it on the scalp so that they can derive benefits of all the same. For shiny hair and growth you can also apply Alma on your hair. To combat dry hair castor oil proves to be a worthy solution. As castor oil lacks on the consistency aspect, first you have to make it warm and then mix it with other oils before applying.

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