Numerous research surveys have shown that men are more likely to get dandruff than women. But that doesn’t mean that women are not affected by it at all. Dandruff, as most people know is a fairly common skin condition where white flakes fall off from scalp or hair. It is commonly known as candida or scalp yeast infection. Such coloured flakes may be visible from outside. It may be difficult to spot for people with long hair.

The main cause of dandruff can be excessive oil in the scalp or due to improper personal hygiene amongst many others. It is caused by several bacteria such as Malassezia. Most dandruff causing bacteria are known to thrive in moist, oily environments and hence, oiling the scalp on a daily basis should be avoided. The symptoms of dandruff in women have been commonly associated with increased levels of stress due to pregnancy, peer pressure and societal conventions.

Dandruff can be identified by symptoms such as increased itching. Itching can lead to the weakening of hair follicles which ultimately leads to hair-fall. Trying out remedies to govern the condition can be useful for mild dandruff but severe issues like red or swollen scalp have to be attended only by doctors. The common myth that people who face this condition must wash their hair every day is not true. However, frequent washing is still required. There are many natural and man-made treatments for managing dandruff. Neem, sour curd and lemon are some of the things that may aid in stopping the spread of the bacterium. These natural solutions may or may not work on all hair types.

Other chemical compounds like Zinc Pyrithione, selenium disulphide, etc. can also be suitable for handling dandruff. To get the best of results, the shampoos in the market usually consist of two or more of the compounds. But the one main component that is very helpful in controlling the growth of dandruff is ketoconazole, which is present in 2% of aqueous solution in the ketomac shampoo. It is highly recommended that this anti-dandruff shampoo is used only under directions from certified dermatologists as there can always be two sides to any coin. Good anti dandruff shampoo for women stops the growth of the enzyme that makes up the cell wall of the fungus. Finally, the epidemic can be stopped and it is safe to use on all hair types. Thus, it is regularly regarded to be a good anti-dandruff shampoo for women who have long hair.

The most common misconception that people have about dandruff is the concordance of its symptoms with dry scalp. Dry scalp and dandruff have similar symptoms being, itchy scalp and appearance of flakes. Dry scalp and its origin are usually due to cold, dry air and contact dermatitis caused by a reaction of haircare products. As mentioned above dandruff can identifies with oily and larger coloured flakes, whereas in the case of dry scalp, smaller and dry flakes and dry skin found only on all parts of the body.

With Ketomac shampoo for hair loss, you can rest assured you will be rid of clusters of hair in your sinks and drains.

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