This software enables extending native file handling capabilities of macOS with the help of file systems developed by third parties. You might have heard of MacFUSE, it is a previous version of FUSE system and is no longer maintained. Legacy MacFUSE file systems are supported through the optional compatibility layer.

What is FUSE for macOS?

Users install FUSE for macOS to utilize a third-party file system written atop FUSE for macOS. Developers download FUSE to use its SDK for writing new files systems in an easier and quicker way as compared to traditional approach of writing in-kernel file systems. Content of these file systems can come from any sources, e.g. the local hard drive, the network or memory. Unlike kernel extensions, FUSE file systems are regular applications that are no different from other macOS apps, when it comes to programming tools, debuggers and libraries you are referring to.

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