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An Innovation that is Saving Business Owners Money

An Innovation that is Saving Business Owners Money

Pedro Araez5014 28-Nov-2022

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be a complex business and can result in chaos if it’s not done properly. However, developments in technology are enabling fleet operators of various sizes to increase their efficiency and ensure an orderly process. Fleet management software can be vital to control the complete lifecycle of commercial vehicles of all types from acquisition to disposal. It helps to ensure you comply with legislation, save on maintenance and fuel costs, and run the fleet in the most efficient manner possible so that overall productivity and profitability are improved.

Why Trucking Dispatch Software is Invaluable

One of the main aims of any business is to keep customers happy and fleet operators are no different in this respect. If you are delivering products to or for those customers, then trucking dispatch software provides many benefits that include:

  • Giving a complete view of the whole operation so you can always see the location of every vehicle and the progress of each order
  • Enabling customer queries to be dealt with quickly and efficiently, and even allowing customers to track their own orders
  • Causing the most efficient routes to be easily devised, saving fuel, and making the best use of available resources while ensuring the fastest deliveries
  • Responding to changing situations so that routes and delivery schedules can be adjusted quickly
  • Providing paperless recording through digital forms such as proof of delivery documents
  • Sharing information with all interested and authorized parties
  • Having an advantage over competitors who still use manual methods.

The result is an efficient operation that complies with all legislation, saves money, and ensures customers are informed and satisfied.

What to look for in Dispatch Software

While the future of IT is constantly evolving you need to know exactly what you need to make the most informed decision. You’ll only achieve maximum benefits from your dispatch software if you acquire a system with the necessary features. These include:

  • GPS tracking so you can see the location and route of every vehicle. This will also allow you to assess current traffic conditions and re-route vehicles when necessary for faster delivery.
  • Mobile access so that drivers and other authorized users can access the system from anywhere with an appropriate device.
  • Automated scheduling so that loads can be assigned and routes planned with little or no manual intervention. This greatly simplifies the whole operation and makes it more efficient while allowing manual adjustments.
  • A complete and preferably customizable view of the whole operation so you can always see exactly what is happening and can make changes when necessary.
  • Automatic notifications and updates of all important details.
  • Possible integration with other systems, such as payroll and sales order processing, to avoid the need for duplicate input.
  • A scalable system that will easily handle any changes to the size of your business so you can expand the operation without having to buy new software.

Dispatch software will allow you to concentrate on the most important aspects of your business without having to worry about the mechanics of getting customer orders delivered on time. That, in turn, will keep your customers happy and help to retain their business.

Updated 15-Mar-2024

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