Dedicated Software Development Team: When Is The Right Time To Hire One?

Dedicated Software Development Team: When Is The Right Time To Hire One?

It is quite rare to find businesses that are thriving without using computers and web services these days. Businesses from all sectors are heavily reliant on software solutions and numerous types of web technologies, and this is not only limited to the MNCs. While you can always buy readymade software solutions for your company's needs, sometimes these are just not enough. Like several other companies, you may also need a customised application designed to address the specific needs of your entity. That is when you have to look for a veteran custom software development company.

​Types of software solution development companies to pick from

The truth is picking a custom software solution development company is not easy. You may find it tedious to choose the right contenders as there are so many options out there. 

  • First of all, you can hire a regional custom application development company. While this may seem like the easiest choice, it may tax your wallet based on where your business is located.
  • A more logical and pocket-friendly option is opting for the services of a reputed offshore web development company in India. Offshore custom application development firms outsource their services to clients located in various parts of the world. They charge reasonably compared to their US and European peers, as the global trend indicates. 
  • If you want a custom application developed for your business but the budget is quite tight, the best option is to hire freelance custom software developers. Some such developers are really skilled, and they have a superb client base and a stunning portfolio of work. 

​When do you need the services of a custom software development company?

In some situations, you will find hiring a custom application development company is the best choice.

  • You should sign up for the services of remote software development companies when you think the readymade software applications do not fit your bill well. Sometimes, you may find OTC software applications are too resource hungry, or they do not contain features your business actually requires. The opposite can also happen. You may do without using third-party applications loaded with features. Hire a custom application developer to get software with the right blend of features and performance. 
  • Sometimes you may find the cost of licensed OTC software too steep. Not all software vendors develop solutions thinking of the small companies or start-ups, for sure. The Open Source applications are there, but these may not suffice for all growing companies. Hiring a custom offshore software company resolves the problem. They may offer you a more affordable solution.
  • Your company may already be using a number of software applications and cloud services. For operational needs and growth, developing a new application may be required. However, you will also want to ensure the new application runs in sync with all existing applications. Finding an OTC application that supports all your existing software solutions can be tricky. It makes more sense to hire a custom application developer in such scenarios.
  • When your employees think an existing application used in the organisation is buggy and they ask for applications with clean and better coding, getting a custom application developed will be necessary. Or else productivity can be bottlenecked.

​Things to check when hiring a custom software development agency

Hiring a custom offshore development company can be profitable but picking the right contender is of utmost importance. You will have to assess the available agencies using some key parameters. These include:

  • Expertise and track record- Before you sign up for the services of an offshore application development company, you have to assess its track record and expertise areas. Some new contenders also offer good service but opting for a veteran player in this sector is a safer bet. You have to check if the company specialises in any one technology or offers software solutions across various domains. For example, such a company may offer cloud-based software solutions, Open source technologies like PHP or offer a broad spectrum of software services.
  • Flexibility- You have to find out how flexible an offshore application development company is. The flexibility of work terms is a prerequisite sometimes. For example, it can be a collaborative software development model, and you may want the offshore agency to abide by your time zones. You may also want such an agency to develop an application within a timeframe.
  • Customization needs- The offshore software development agency you hire must be capable of implementing the features and meeting all customization needs. You may need to have multilingual software, for example. You may also want the agency to develop an application that integrates with various database apps and spreadsheet apps with ease. 
  • Secure development- It is important that you check out the expertise of the agency in application security technologies. As it is, companies across the globe are quite worried about software security issues these days. Several instances of companies losing important data owing to hacking attacks and software loopholes have made headlines. These mishaps may even get a company mired in legal cases. So, ensure you hire a custom application developer that deploys the latest safety technologies in its offerings. 
  • Updated technologies- Before signing up for the services of an agency offering custom application development services, it is necessary that you learn about its competence in staying in sync with newer and emerging technologies. Digital technology is evolving very fast. It makes sense to hire a company that can develop a custom application for your company while ensuring it is compliant with emerging technologies. Ideally, you should look for companies that have deployed technologies like AI, ML and AR/VR in their offerings. 
  • Portfolio- Without checking the portfolio of a custom software development entity, you can never be sure about its feasibility for your company's needs. Check out the applications created by such an agency and see if these apps are lightweight, secured with the latest technologies, support multiple platforms and have simple UI. 
  • Service and support- Before you zero in on any offshore custom application development agency, ensure you learn about its service and support terms. Professional entities in this sector clarify these aspects to their clients at the initial stage. In fact, they offer detailed consultation sessions. Go for a company that offers robust, multi-channel support for clients buying its applications. 
  • Client reviews- It would be wise to check out the customer feedback of an offshore application developer before finalising things. Explore the social media platforms to find out the general opinion of its clients. 

​Summing it up

Hiring an offshore custom application development company can be quite beneficial for your business. However, keep enough time for evaluating the contenders. Also, ensure you use all available means to look for such contenders, including online and offline routes.

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