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Main Features Yamaha A Rocks 155

Main Features Yamaha A Rocks 155

Austin Luthar656 03-Mar-2022

Yamaha A Rocks 155 is brand new to the world. It is a beautiful scooter. But this is not a tiny scooter at all. This is not the most popular scooter we've ever seen, so it's called a maxi scooter. I think many manufacturers are scared to bring this kind of new thing. In this article, I share with you about Yamaha A Rocks 155 in my own experience.


It looks like a motorcycle. It's a DRL, and it's a headlight, so basically, it's an R3 inspired. Yamaha Aerox 155 2021 version of the headlight r3 is nice looking, and you have a big wheel in front of it. The most obsolete type of scooter is coming in this department. What you see is stunning to look at. The tails are very different, and when you come to the tail section, you have an excellent and elegant-looking tail section. You have a Yamaha logo here with 150 ccs written on it. You can see the integrated indicators. That's why the seat is the most essential part of a maxi scooter. If you sit here, you will feel very comfortable.

People usually talk about Thai support when it comes to cars. So on this scooter, yes, you will get perfect uh Thai help, and coming to the Pillion section, only the Pillion seat is also comfortable, and the access to the footage is also excellent. Not too low on Asset, but still so hopping there. As you can see, there is a complete digital console. Let me turn it on for you. The two are the tachometer at heal speedometer when the fuel level is and if you use this switch. However, you can toggle the auto meter into the trip meter. The two trip meters are fuel economy average fuel and not much else for the battery voltage of the trip, and the VVA mark will come.

The switch is used to navigate through the things here. S is automatic. it will show the start and stop when we go for a ride. It is the ignition, and here are the small bits and pieces. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Otherwise, would have called it a motorcycle. When you press this button, you get a substantial under-seat space. I think it's the most significant segment, and there's a fuel cap here. So if you press it's a fuel cap that you don't have to run around while at the petrol pump and another small thing is you get a small utility box where you can open it there is no lock system So you can buy a USB charger from Yamaha there. Still, I don't care if the phone will fit inside, but you can keep your wallet or some documents there, so I know it is a lovely motorcycle.


I like the seat of the scooter. If I do, push back and sit down. I'm getting a lot of flies again, and you can see the riding posture. It's a bit different. Something if you try to keep your feet off. But you understand the fuel tank and all these things, and the place to lick is also good. It's a bit more of a front-end, but I think it'll be a problem for the Nalamba boys, too, because you can see that there's plenty of legroom here. So just to make it clear, I'm not riding on the wrong side of the road. It's a service road where you can go in any direction. That's why we have highways here.


It runs on the same engine as the r15 version 4. First of all, I want to tell you one thing that Valentino Rossi will sit inside and move for you. Don't expect to get the 130 or 135 you see. A different version of the v4's tuning is the 150 cc engine. It has a VBA, but you get a little quicker torque. I think you'll get a little faster. It is considered to be the most powerful scooter and the darkest scooter. In India and Paul, you get GET 80 or 100 very fast, and after that, it starts climbing to 115. Most of all, to me and that, 's what it gets filled with. There is no option to enter it, and there is no noise around the engine. It's nice. There's no vibration here. All after taking this scooter and the seat is comfortable.

Gear acceleration

 If you are in the 60s and you see the punches, you get on the throttle, and when it comes to braking, it is good. It comes with abs on the front and drum brakes on the back. The scooter is a bit heavier on paper, and the riding service gives the scooter a lot of stability. It has a significant wheelbase on the highway. It's not like any other scooter. It should be long and slightly heavy. Because it gives a lot of stability on the road, it is not affected by crosswinds.

Updated 02-May-2023
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