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Top Ten Ways to Get More Customers in 2022

Top Ten Ways to Get More Customers in 2022

Buana Sari1087 21-Dec-2021

Does your brand wish to increase the customer base in the new year? Fresh studies reveal that bringing new customers is the topmost priority for global businesses in 2022. With the ongoing pandemic, 2021 witnessed a fundamental shift in how businesses approach new customer acquisition and customer retention. For businesses that are not building trust and delivering value to customers, chances are that their customers are not going to stick around. While there might be some profits in the short term, they might not have a sustainable business model.

New customer acquisition might sound complicated but with the advent of technologies and tools like moLotus it would become easier and cost-effective in 2022. Here are top ways to get more customers in 2022 :

1. Do Lead Generation Right

Lead generation lies at the core of customer acquisition. In 2022, businesses should adopt new-age technologies like moLotus for lead generation. This would help them in getting more customers at low costs. Recent surveys reveal that channels like moLotus offer more high-quality leads, compared to traditional channels at optimum costs. The platform has empowered brands with instant lead generation via direct inbox delivery to all kinds of mobile handsets, irrespective of phone type or model – 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G smartphone, i-phones, and feature phones and at minimum cost per lead.

2. Improve Customer Interaction

Businesses should realize that every customer interaction decides whether he or she will come back and purchase more. Brands should be exploring innovative ways to interact and engage with customers effectively. In 2022, adding interactive elements to customer communication would be one of the best ways to get more customers. More and more brands are embracing marketing platforms like moLotus with multiple customer response options such as SMS, Callback, Click URL, etc. The interaction should not be only about products and services but also innovative ways of using them in the context of current situations to build trust and confidence without actually meeting customers.

3. Transform Customer Processes

Businesses should look for better ways to keep pace with evolving customer expectations. In 2022, moving from traditional to digital customer processes can be seen as a key driver for business transformation and superior customer acquisition. Experts predict that disruptive platforms like moLotus would be playing a pivotal role in 2022. Brands can use moLotus to digitally transform processes like new customer onboarding, document submission, recurring services, loan processing, contract renewals, etc. The moLotus powered breakthrough transformation is expected to augment the new customer base with high margin revenues; improving the customer processes with speed, agility, and cost savings.

4. Make Communication More Personalized

COVID crisis has taught brand communicators that the days of bland, generic messaging are officially done. Personalization is now the essence of marketing campaigns across the customer journey, bringing in more customers to brands. In 2022, businesses should use customer data, artificial intelligence, and advanced algorithms via new tools like moLotus to hyper-personalized mobile ad campaigns. moLotus generates new customers for businesses by offering unique hyper-personalization options such as name, greeting, reward, etc.

5. Make It Easy for Customers

Customers’ normal patterns of life are at a halt since 2020. In 2022 too, customers are expected to use more at-home and low-touch options. Mobile-led experiences are growing in popularity and businesses should innovate their delivery model with a mobile technology platform like moLotus to help consumers prefer at-home services. moLotus, having massive reach and scalability, instantly delivers automated messages to prospective customers directly into their message box, irrespective of phone type or model, and without any spam, ensuring superior customer acquisition, retention, and engagement.

6. Reward Loyalty Better

Studies show that customers still prefer to be rewarded with discounts, coupons, contests, etc. The reason is they save money and feel like getting something exclusive and limited. Thus, attractive loyalty programs increase the customer base for businesses. Marquee brands have already discovered the tremendous customer acquisition potential of moLotus digital rewards & loyalty campaigns. Studies suggest that such moLotus loyalty-based campaigns improve customer experience with brands. The campaigns assist brands in building rapport with customers and offer a valid reason to customers to stay connected with brands and purchase more. moLotus videos or rich media messages (coupons, gift cards, etc.) engage loyal customers, greet & reward them and its digital loyalty card is not only cost-effective but also revolutionary.

7. Emphasize Customer Education

Recent studies have shown that educating customers leads to acquiring more customers. Brands should emphasize more on customer education in 2022. With mobile videos gaining popularity among customers, brand storytelling has emerged as a key way to educate and entice consumers. Businesses should educate their consumers about their brand, products, and services by using breakthrough mobile advertising platforms like moLotus. In current times, more and more brands have educated, inspired, and entertained their customers via moLotus storytelling capabilities. As a result, there has been a phenomenal growth in sales figures despite the dismal economic conditions prevailing.

8. Upselling & Cross-selling

Upselling and cross-selling have been the most successful strategies aiming at demand generation and boosting sales. In 2022, businesses should avail the new client acquisition opportunities offered by new-age technologies like moLotus in running upselling and cross-selling campaigns. Brands are already targeting huge customer databases and capturing quality leads. They are designing new products adding more to upsell and cross-sell using moLotus technology.

9. Use Deep Customer Intelligence

Deep customer intelligence forms the core of new customer acquisition in 2022. Businesses must know who their target customers are, where they come from, their interests, purchase behavior, and more. Based on customer intelligence, they can design and implement marketing strategies matching customers’ needs and wants. Embracing moLotus technology, businesses get the opportunity to avail superior customer intelligence. They can target customer data based on diverse business criteria including demographics, interaction, and more by sending customized messages to the customers. Thus businesses can easily attract more customers.

10. Enhance Brand Visibility

Increasing reach and brand visibility add considerably to the new customer base. Experts are of the view that precision in branding is crucial in the early stages of the consumer’s decision journey in 2022. Surveys reveal that data-driven tools like moLotus are providing brands an edge when it comes to visibility. Businesses should enhance brand visibility through performance-oriented moLotus multimedia & video ad campaigns yielding high brand recall and ultimately high conversions. The moLotus campaign messages remain in the customers’ mobile inboxes until voluntarily deleted by them thus triggering more brand visibility and acquisition. Interestingly, It does not require any kind of App download or, active internet/ data pack.


To build a scalable business with a massive customer base in 2022, it is essential to have a stellar customer acquisition strategy in place. It is evident that businesses must embrace breakthrough digital technologies like moLotus to get more customers. Once your brand starts attracting new customers via moLotus technology, you will be able to keep customer acquisition costs at bay and even reduce it, turning your business into a revenue-rich entity.














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