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6 Tips To Design A Safe And Functional Mobile Application

6 Tips To Design A Safe And Functional Mobile Application

Pedro Araez 573 25-Nov-2021

Creating a mobile application is a cost-effective investment for businesses. With a mobile app, you can provide more value to your customers, build a stronger brand, and connect with your prospects and existing customers in a more convenient way.

Safety and functionality should be two of your main considerations when designing a mobile app. Creating an app that’s only functional but not safe can increase your vulnerability to cyberattacks, resulting in leaked confidential data. Alternatively, when you prioritize safety over functionality, users will likely have a hard time using the app and causing them to hit the close button ASAP.

Make sure that your mobile app is safe and functional at the same time by following these tips:

1. Secure Your App’s Code From The Start

The security of your mobile app should be a priority from day one to prevent issues down the road. Neglecting to secure your app’s code and then finding problems in its testing phase can mean making drastic changes to the code, which might require more resources.

To secure your app’s code, take note of these tips:

  • Always protect the code with encryption. You want your app’s code to be top secret and hard to read so that hackers won’t get to access it. It’s best to use well-supported algorithms partnered with Application Programming Interface or API encryption.
  • When adding security features to your app, pay attention to the runtime memory, battery usage, and file size. Your mobile app should be safe and secure but not at the cost of user experience and app performance.

If you don’t have the experience to safeguard your app’s code, consider outsourcing managed IT services Brisbane for help. These professionals have years of experience in securing apps and can provide services to guarantee that yours is secured too.

2. Create A Safe Environment

With many businesses using mobile apps today, hearing reports about compromised user data is old news. Businesses operating in various industries have been put into the spotlight because of how their users’ data were stolen and used without permission.

Ensure that your users won’t fall prey to these situations by creating a safe environment in your app. For example, if you’re going to require users’ credit card information, invest in the best payment service providers to safely store their data. This might entail additional costs for your business, but it’s something worth investing in.

If you’re still concerned about your app’s security when it comes to collecting and storing credit card information, you may integrate Google or Facebook login. This way, you can outsource your users’ security to safeguarded platforms. This also provides convenience to users as they won’t have to register again to check out products or services in your app; they just have to log in to their social media profiles.

3. Secure The App’s Network Connections On The Back End

Cloud services that your app’s API is accessing should also have security measures put in place. This is crucial to ensure that users’ data is protected at all times and prevent any unauthorized access. Generally, any API you use for your mobile app should be verified to prevent anyone from obtaining users’ information available in the app’s database and server.

One of the best ways to secure the app’s network connection on the back end is to utilize containerization. This is a security method that creates encrypted containers where documents and data submitted by the users to the app are stored. Containerization also allows you to fix bugs and errors and launch apps quickly and securely.

4. Place Authentication And Authorization Measures

With the use of technology, incorporating countless features to your mobile app has become easier. Nowadays, you can create a mobile app where users can create their profiles that immediately redirect to their previous online activities like viewing credit card information or checking recent purchases.

If you’re going to collect users’ data in your app, it’s best to put authentication and authorization security functions. This will add another layer of protection during the login process. It can prevent thieves from accessing the app and stealing the users’ information through their devices.

5. Implement Data Permissions Ethically

Before users can run your app, they need to accept certain permissions. Since most users agree to this without understanding the risks, many businesses get to take advantage of their personal information.

If you want your app to gain the trust of your users, you need to implement data permissions ethically when coding. If you’re going to allow other apps to access your own mobile app, you need to pay attention to what these apps are and how they function.

Generally, you should never allow malicious apps in your own mobile app. These apps often ask the user’s personal information that seem irrelevant to the functions of the app. For example, app delivery services should never ask for the user’s Social Security number or the birthdate of their children.

6 Tips To Design A Safe And Functional Mobile Application


6. Perform Continuous Testing

Most people skip the part of continuously testing their mobile app once it reaches the app stores. You should never do the same. Performing continuous testing is a must to assess the safety and functionality of your mobile app after releasing it to the public.

Regularly testing your mobile app is essential to check if the app’s code is still secure. Remember, hackers are getting smarter every single day and are using wide variety of tools to steal data from mobile devices. When you regularly test your mobile app, you can identify the issues and fix these right away.

Consider Hiring Professionals

Designing a safe and functional mobile app is a long, complex process. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through this process alone. Hire professionals who can help you out.

Outsourcing agencies that have experience in creating mobile apps is a smart investment as their services can save you valuable resources, like time, energy, and money. With their help, you can











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