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4 Reasons Why Mobile App Marketing is Crucial for Your App Success!

4 Reasons Why Mobile App Marketing is Crucial for Your App Success!

AppsChopper1860 10-Sep-2021

Today’s generation is mobile-driven. There are around 3.8 billion smartphone users worldwide and the number is ever-growing. But what's everyone doing on their phones? Well, nearly 90% of mobile time is spent only on apps. With an ever-increasing demand for mobile apps, the need for app developer companies is also increasing.

Suppose you are done with developing an amazing mobile app, but it is not driving installs. Most startups don't have any strategy to market the app and make it reach potential users. What to do then? How to make your apps reach the right audience?

App marketing is your way to go!

As per the studies, 98% of running businesses invest in strategizing mobile app marketing for a better outcome.

By now, you must have got a glimpse of how important app marketing is.

What is Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile app marketing is a self-explanatory term. Marketers promote mobile apps highlighting the product’s USP, influencing users to download and use it. The app’s marketing is done on different channels, including the App and Play stores, social platforms, and the web. An ideal app marketing must be strategized at the level of owned, earned, and paid media.

Per The Manifest, mobile app businesses use at least 31% of their budget for their marketing. This is amazing, isn’t it?

Top 4 Reasons Why Mobile App Marketing Is Crucial for Your App Success

Use SMS for App Marketing

As per the infer of the data, people are more likely to open the link received on an SMS than an email, and people often delete emails without even reading them, but the case is not similar to the SMS. This becomes the first reason for the app's success. Moreover, SMS allows you to learn more about your potential customers, increases customer engagement, supports (and integrates) with other channels, and more.

Mobile Applications Are the Mainstay of Every eCommerce Enterprise

Ordering any product or service from a mobile application is much more convenient than doing it on a desktop or a laptop. A study has shown that 79% of users have made a purchase online using their mobile phones. Thus, making mobile applications the backbone of an eCommerce enterprise is beneficial as it better sustains returning users compared to the website.

The Marketing of Mobile App Reinforces the Dealing

Since mobile phones have made it all easy, from booking a cab to online shopping, you can do everything with just one touch only, and no wonder mobile applications are doing miracles. This results in the rapid growth of businesses thanks to mobile app marketing. . So, to reach out to the targeted audience, mobile app marketing is a prerequisite.

Regular Visibility

Desktops and laptops are not as handy as mobile phones. It is not possible for the person to access the desktop 24*7 and throughout this time, the mobile app comes in the picture giving privilege to the user to have access to all the data with just one touch! Therefore, through mobile app marketing, you can make your app reach mobile users easily.

Strategies of Mobile App Marketing

If the customer is giving positive feedback to a particular mobile app continuously then, it shows the faithfulness of the customer towards that app. Similarly, a concise study was conducted on more than 1,000 consumers sharing their experience with app usage plus their expectations from the application.

Now comes the main question, 'How will you make people download your application or make them share their experience of using the app?'

In answer to this, the following are key mobile app marketing strategies that you can use to perform the above activities.

Optimization of the App Store

Representation and visualization of the app are needed as it helps in attracting the users plus the design of the icon or symbol of the app has also a key role in attracting a large number of people.

The Strategy of Website

Website strategy is the most helpful strategy in mobile app marketing as people will get to discover more features about your application on the website and this will result in the success of the app. People will visit your website and there are higher chances that sooner or later those visitors will become users of your mobile app.

Strategy of Promotion

Another essential strategy is the promotion of the application since it helps in performing the focused marketing approach and results in greater revenue. Therefore, the time you get an idea of the mobile application, start promoting your mobile application on several social media platforms to appeal to people.

Thus, the importance of mobile app marketing not only increases the outcome or business visibility but also helps in advancing consumer assistance.


In the past years, the rapid development of mobile application technology has been witnessed, and it looks like that in the coming future, the evolution of the mobile application will be done effortlessly.

Now, you must have enough information about mobile app marketing as we have discussed everything from the mobile app marketing strategies to the benefits. You can plan mobile app marketing strategies and can have exponential growth of your app.

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