Know About The Features We Can Integrate Into Fantasy Sports App Development

Know About The Features We Can Integrate Into Fantasy Sports App Development

A fantasy sport which is also sometimes known by the name of roto or rotisserie is a type of game that is mostly played by using the internet. Here the players or the participants create virtual or imaginary teams which mainly have proxies of real players of the original sport.

In this new age, fantasy sports have completely changed the mobile app development system. It has been observed that there is a serious fixation on fantasy sports among people of the age group of 18 and above.

What is a Fantasy Sports App?

A fantasy sports app is a domain where subscribers or the users play online sports or games by creating a virtual team or an opponent in place of the real players who at a certain time were at that specific location. In a fantasy sports app, the user creates his/ her own team of choice with the players who were playing at a certain stadium or a court.  

How does a Fantasy Sports App Work

The tool of a Fantasy Sports App works by creating a connection between the sports lover with their chosen players. In a Fantasy Sports App, the users have a choice to select their own team and players. 

Let us take a quick look at how a Fantasy Sports App works. Fantasy Sports App Development Company follows the below workflow:

Match Selection – After starting the app the user is first directed to select the sport of his/ her choice. This process is followed after the OTP verification 

Forming a Team – the next step is forming a team where the user or the subscribers forms a team of his/ her choice. For example, if a user chooses the game of cricket then he/ she will need a team of 11 players. Team forming is done by several methods. The common methods that Fantasy Sports App Development Company follows are offline drafting, auction-based or serpentine.

Selecting a Captain- The captain of the team is chosen by the user. Along with the captain the user or the subscriber also chooses a vice-captain as per the requirement.

Division of Team- As per the game rules and requirements of a game, a subscriber is allowed to form multiple teams. The virtual player also has the scope to create his/ her own team as per choice. 

Team Management - Fantasy Sports App Development Company allows its user to modify his/ her team at any point in time. Till the game is on this modification is allowed to be made by the virtual player. Along with this modification, the virtual player also has the option to keep a track of the performance of the players from time to time.

Reward Distribution- After every game is over points are awarded to the teams which are later distributed among the players on their performance during the game. And the player with the highest performance earns the highest points and is thus declared the winner of the sport or the league.


Features of a Fantasy Sports App Development

The features that a Fantasy Sports App Development Company follows while building a fantasy sports app are as follows.

 There are two sections of features, the first one is the Admin Panel and the second one is the User panel. The most desirable features that should be kept in the account for the Admin Panel are:

The most desirable features that should be kept in the account for the User Panel are:

Registration / Login

 Need to have a very secured login procedure. Features like Google Login, Facebook login, Instagram Login are the most sought features, in order to ensure smooth and hurdle-free onboarding of the users (players).

Home Screen

 This is the landing screen and contains all the important information pertaining to the user's account.

Payment Mode

 Payment Mode like PayPal, Google Pay is very secure.

Player information

 A very essential feature that you find in every Fantasy Sports App, gives the user (player) an insight about his/ her opponents.

Create and join Contest

 This acts as the USP of the Fantasy Sports App

My Contest

 Contests created by the user (player)

Create custom fantasy teams

 Another USP for the Fantasy Sports Apps

User Dashboard

User Settings (also called My Settings)

 Features like Invite & Earn, User CMS Section, User Profile name, etc. are managed here.

Online wallet integration

 A part of the payment integration process, very essential.

User authentication and more

A Fantasy Sports App Development Company earlier used one of the several Mobile App development technologies like Android, IOS for the development of the user panels. However recently, hybrid technologies like React Native, Flutters, Ionics, have become very popular in the development of the Users Panel.

Like the User Panel, the Admin Panel is equally important. This is the place where the owners of the App manage their organization of App. Some of the most important features are:

Admin Login

The Secured gateway to the system.


The most important section of the Admin Panel.

Manage Matches

An important feature, where the admin may monitor the flow of the game.

Manage Games Category

Game categorization is an important feature in Fantasy Sports App. Based on the category of the game the levels of the users are defined.

User Manager

Manage user accounts. This is where the user's (players) activities are also monitored for any wrongdoings.

Contest Manager

Create Contests, making the app more interesting.

Manage Payment

Manage Earnings and Cash Bonus

Manage Reward Points

Transactions and reporting

The development of the Admin Panel is very critical for a Fantasy Sports App. There are several technologies like .NET, PHP, Node.JS that are used for the Admin Panel (backend) development. A Fantasy Sports App Development Company ensures that the best applicable technology is used for the development of the backend. Recently there is a trend to hire .NET Developers for this purpose.

How to develop your own Fantasy Sports App effectively?

By now, you must have become aware of the definition, popularity, features of fantasy sports apps. But when you start developing any such fantasy sports application you must be aware of the major task as every day more and better fantasy sports app are coming into the market. These new applications are strong and come up with unique features with great designing characteristics. 

First of all the design of a fantasy sports app is very important, as the design separates an individual app from other leading apps available in the market. Therefore, the designing characteristics of a fantasy sports app play a major role in attracting more users and also encouraging them. In this perspective involving the right fantasy sports app development company is very important. 

You may also hire individual professionals and build your own team. You may hire .NET developers or Node.Js Developers or PHP developers who can develop an efficient and effective Admin panel. In addition to that, you should consider hiring a mobile app developer who can convert your concepts into reality. Mobile technologies like Flutters, React native may be considered for this purpose. However, there are several other technologies that can also be used.

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