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6 Must-Have Power Tools For Every Household

6 Must-Have Power Tools For Every Household

Angela James 487 05-Aug-2021

There are certain types of tools that are very essential for every household. You need those tools to be in your home every time as they are very valuable. Those tools are drilling machines, hammers, etc. The key feature to have such tools at home is you can mend minor cracks at home without paying a penny.

To facilitate you, we have rounded up a list of 6 must-have power tools that are necessary for everyone to have at home.

Read the blog thoroughly and get the idea of essential power tools.

Cordless Drill Driver

This cordless drill driver is one of the most important power tools you need. It is used by a lithium-ion battery and gives a voltage of 18 volts. It comes with a LED work light to provide a perfectly refine work. A different sets of screws and nuts are given with it for wood drilling, etc. Additionally, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

You can drill metal, wood, plastic, and materials with it. Shop it now for just £ 29.99.

Dewalt 6 Pcs kit

The Dewalt 6 pcs kit contains the following tools: a brushless compact hammer drill that is very light-weighted and has a compact design. It also contains a brushless impact driver, hammer drill, jigsaw, circular saw, pivot light, and universal charger.

These all power tools are of high quality and very valuable. You can use the drill hammer for drilling anchors and fixing holes into concrete and bricks.

You can purchase the essential 6-pcs kit for £ 814.99. However, if you find the prices a bit high, snap up ManoMano voucher code and purchase it at the possible best rates.

Makita G Series Cordless Jigsaw

The cordless jigsaw is perfect for domestic and trade use. In addition, it is an idea tool for DIY products. It has an aluminum base and a variable speed control dial. It comes with a compact, lightweight change lever and straight-cutting rigid aluminum base.

You can operate this tool with G series lithium batteries only. You can shop for £ 47.99.

Terratek 246 pcs Combination Drill Bit Set

This is a combination of 246 pieces of drill bit set that include titanium twist bits, masonry drill accessories, wood drill bits, screwdriver bits, and a storage case.

The complete box includes bits for different categories like screwdrivers of different size ranges. So you can shop for just £ 32.99.

Makita Trimmer Router Cutter Set

The router cutter set is a working power tool that is a must-have for every household. It comes with a speed control dial and flap top for stability. In addition, its body has been manufactured with aluminum that increases its durability.

It also contains a trimmer base, straight guide, wrenches, and a template guide. The price range for this one is £ 123.

Makita Corded Oscillating Multi-tool Set

The oscillating multi-tool set is perfect fit for cutting, scraping, sanding, filing, and grout removal. It comes with a speed control dialer. In addition, it has a blade that can be positioned over 360 degrees at 12 various angles.

Depending on the registration, the warranty can be extended for up to 2 years. You can shop it for £ 99.99.

Wrap Up

These are 6 power tools that you all should have at your home for repairing, mending, etc. Apart from domestic use, these tools can be used for professional work as well due to their reliability and productivity.

You can purchase all these tools from ManoMano or any other store of your choice.

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