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How The Pandemic Situation Been Affecting The Children Mental Health

How The Pandemic Situation Been Affecting The Children Mental Health

Pandemic situation all around the world has changed the education system completely. Recently a meme got viral where it was told that once mobiles were not allowed inside the school premises. But now the entire school is inside the mobile phone. Well, joke apart, we have to be safe and fine. Especially the children, has to be taken proper care in such a dangerous situation all around us. With all the positive vibes, students and children are being encourages to sit for the online classes and follow them.

Impacts Of Pandemic On Children’s Education

But on other hand, there is also a bad impact on the mental health of the children too. Expert child psychologist in Kolkata, was sharing the problems of the online classes. What the students are lacking in is the peer-to-peer learning. They are not going to school and is also not socializing. Basically, for the children who have just started the school they are unable to know what are friend and how to play and talk with them. Having friends and building of friendship is a major part of our life which also help us to learn to get introduces with new people.

Besides the children, the students who are from class 1 to class 6/7 are getting bored with the classes. For them they are just switching off the camera and is getting diverted from the class. Since they don’t need any adult supervision, so they are not in mindful state while having the online classes.

All these psychological problems are coming up- children are getting bored, irritated, lethargic and also unable to focus. Physical problems are also coming up like eye strains, obesity, indigestion and many more.

Virtual Learning Of Extra-Curricular Activities

Virtual learning of yoga or exercises at home is not at all fruitful. Many of the parents are trying to involve some extracurricular activities in this bored life of their children. Well, something is good rather than nothing. But when they are enclosed within the appliance screen, it is not getting the actual focus that is required. Instead running, walking or riding bicycle are the best exercise which can help them to do some physical exercise.

In case you are finding any abnormalities in your child or in case they are spending a lot of time alone, have a consultation with the child psychologist in Kolkata. Often a good communication, some helpful activities will help them to express their mind. Also spending some quality time with the family members, especially the parents are very important. If you both people are working, find a common time and spend a family time together with them.


We have to struggle in such pandemic situation. Surely it is not a permanent time, but we will overcome such situation. Hopingly we will recover soon and will get back to normal life again. Till then, we must try in every possible way to be healthy and fine mentally as well as physically.

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