All you need to know about healthcare mobile apps

All you need to know about healthcare mobile apps

The industry of the healthcare app or the tasks of the healthcare mobile app development companies are booming with good speed and it is also visible that it will continue to grow more in the upcoming days. In today's era of digitalization, when people are very busy – the mHealth mobile apps can help them to a great extent to keep their medical records in an organized way, and also track their health while they are out of town.

Some popular categories of the healthcare app

Two very important categories of the healthcare apps include the healthcare apps for the patients and for the health practitioners. The second one is meant for those people, who are engaged in various medical activities like, the doctors, attendants, healthcare providers, etc. Though the maximum number of healthcare apps deals with personal information, they also benefit both- the doctors and the patients to a good extent.

The Hospital Apps

The Healthcare mobile apps for the hospital include the specific information of the hospital, details of the medical experts or the doctors such as their name, department, consulting time, etc. Some advanced apps often offer a visual tour of the entire hospital, along with various updates on registration details, and other required details.

The Chronic Care Management Apps

The Chronic Care Management Apps had already received massive success in recent times. The reason could be a good increase in the number of their patients suffering from various types of chronic conditions like cardiac diseases, hypertension, diabetes etc. Living with these chronic concerns is really challenging; and in that case the chronic care management apps can help you a lot.

The Health Apps for women

These kinds of healthcare apps focus on the health of women and allow them to get faster and accurate information regarding the menstruation cycle, education about fertility, schedule appointments, various stages of pregnancy, birth of a baby , breastfeeding, taking care of a newborn, and much more.

The Healthcare and Fitness Apps

These types of apps can allow you to keep track of the condition of your health and fitness, and thus have become very popular. Using these kinds of apps, you can accomplish and maintain the track of your specific health related goals.

During the pandemic, the COVID-19 healthcare and fitness tracking apps have offered a relief as they can trace the infected person and help in notifying those who are in close proximity to those infected persons.

Personal Health Record Apps

 These apps can help the patients in both organizing and managing all of their medical records at the same place. Patients can easily share their medical records with their doctor’s right from this app.

Emergency Care Apps

 The Urgent or emergency Care apps give accurate information about the nearest clinics, hospitals, list of doctors along with the direction of those healthcare providers. These apps are helpful at the time of emergency as they can easily help to reach those healthcare centers as soon as possible.

Medication Management Apps

The Medication management apps can easily manage your medication-related tasks, like reminding you about your next dosage and also giving you a brief or information on your everyday medication. Many healthcare mobile app development companies are struggling to create various error free apps.

How are healthcare applications helping in the growth of the healthcare industry?

Today's healthcare apps can integrate accurate health trackers, chatbots, payment APIs, up-to-date information related to health, and much more. These special attributes can make them efficient and more functional than the previous years. Here is a list of some features that make the Health apps much more revolutionary:

  • IoT endpoint integration
  • capability to connect with various wearable devices
  • Paperless documentation
  • Proper Artificial intelligence
  • Securing the patient's data
  • Prompt services
  • Complication-free medical tests and reports
  • Reduced cost of healthcare
  • How to avoid the failures of the healthcare app?

To avoid the failures in mHealth application development the healthcare mobile app development companies have to carefully consider the following practices:

Designing the App with Great User Experience

An interactive user experience can easily guarantee the success of the Health applications. Just make sure that the images, graphics, contents, presentations, information, statistics and other important elements of the healthcare application are original and up-to-date. The smooth navigation can make sure that the user can get the right information within the minimum time.

Developing a Secure & Privacy Compliant App

To avoid the failures of the security and privacy of the mobile apps, the healthcare mobile app developers have to be very receptive while developing the architecture of the apps. It is also important to prioritize the security and privacy aspects and control the access to the patient's important information via various rights, permissions, etc.

The Error-Free Functionality

The Error-free or flawless functionality is always a vital aspect of any type of application. A healthcare mobile app has to work flawlessly- regardless of the platform. The app should not contain any kind of technical issues as it can affect the user experience to a great extent.

Can solve the Real User Problems

The health application have to be designed and developed, by keeping remembering the purpose that it focuses on resolving. The architecture of the application has to be carefully designed as it is the main point that can ensure the success rate of the application.

Special features of the healthcare mobile app development

Wearable Device Connection

The mobile healthcare app users often agree that the use of wearable devices with the help of the activity trackers have made them more conscious about various kinds of health related issues.

Managing the EHR or the Electronic Health Record

The feature called Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a must-have for the mobile healthcare apps as it can both store and manage the records and data of the patients into a centralized system.

IoMT connectivity

It is also crucial that your healthcare app must have proper IoMT connectivity to keep up with the speed of innovations of technology.

Security of the data

The Data security and privacy of the medical information are the most important aspects while using the healthcare apps on a mobile device. The mHealth apps must integrate advanced and powerful algorithms that can guarantee complete security over the data.

Data Storage

Cloud Storage has made the information available on-the-go. The patients do not have to think about the details of their medical records as they can save the important documents, including their medical history, test reports, prescriptions, scan reports, etc. on the cloud. They can also share those with their medical consultants when required.

Popular healthcare apps at the time of COVID-19

The Corona DataSpende

It is a German smartwatch app that can collect the pulse rate, body temperature and sleep patterns to monitor the spread or infections of Coronavirus.

AarogyaSetu app

 The app is high in demand as it can track if the user has crossed paths with a person having corona positive.


 The app can enable the patient to communicate properly with their healthcare providers, also helps in managing the appointments, requesting the prescription refills, and also accessing the test results.


This app was launched by the Government of Australia. This CovidSafe app can trace each user using the app, and this can also help to detect those people who have come in close contact with the Covid-19 positive individuals.


Therefore, these healthcare mobile apps are the best helpers to help you in the health related problems and find the best remedy as soon as possible. For this reason, many healthcare mobile app development industries are trying their best to develop some error-free and useful apps and also trying to hire iOS app developers.

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