Top 15 things to do in and around Dubai

Top 15 things to do in and around Dubai

The city of superlatives – Dubai proudly boasts of having the best sights and attractions the world has ever seen. Teeming with a plethora of attractions and experiences, Dubai offers the best of cultural and recreational experiences. Throughout your journey in Dubai, you will be amazed at the diverse assortment of attractions the emirate has to offer. There is so much to see and do in Dubai that a mere couple of days are hardly enough to even scratch the surface of what Dubai has to offer you on your holiday. But there is an option to get a Dubai tourist visa extension if you like to stretch your vacation in Dubai to explore more. However, while planning your Dubai holiday, it would be a good start to take a look at some of the most popular things to do in Dubai on a vacation. 

1. View the iconic Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain

Top 15 things to do in and around Dubai

The unmissable iconic landmark of Dubai – Burj Khalifa is a beacon for contemporary architectural marvels. For any Dubai visitor, a snapshot along with the tallest structure in the world is a must. Adjacent to Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain allures you with its graceful dance, and together Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain make a dazzling duo that enthralls you with its illuminated spectacle in the evenings.

2. Enjoy adventure time in the Arabian desert

Top 15 things to do in and around Dubai

The contemporary vibes of Dubai city can get a bit overwhelming at times. The best way to enjoy a change in scenery is to zoom off to the edge of Dubai city and deep into the sprawling Arabian desert. A Dubai desert safari is the best way to discover Dubai’s past and enjoy fascinating desert sports like dune bashing, sandboarding, and quad biking. Unwind with desert sunset experiences and a traditional BBQ dinner under the canopy of starry Arabian skies.

3. Witness floral enchantment at Dubai Miracle Gardens

Top 15 things to do in and around Dubai

A floral oasis in a desert city? You really have to see it to believe it. The world’s largest natural flower garden is nestled in Dubai. Fighting all odds of harsh desert climate, Dubai managed to create one of the most challenging feats and has maintained it meticulously for Dubai’s visitors to marvel at this innovative attraction. Located in Dubailand, this floral garden is a seasonal attraction and comprises over 50 million vivid blooms to get that jaw-dropping reaction from its guests.

4. Explore Bedouin era at Dubai Creek

Top 15 things to do in and around Dubai

Take a trip to the past, to experience the bustling, traditional lifestyle of Dubai. Dubai Creek played a very significant part in the rise of Dubai. The shores of Dubai Creek witnessed the first settlements in Dubai. Today, it presents a contrasting verve compared to modern Dubai. A simple ride on the abra, a dhow cruise on the creek, and a few hours meandering through the lanes of Dubai Souks will give you a fascinating glimpse into Dubai’s simple past.

5. Ultimate skydiving experience for adventure lovers

Craving for some extreme adventure? Head to Palm Dubai which happens to be one of the world’s most scenic dive zones. If you are up for it, soar above the gorgeous palm-shaped artificial islands, take in the stunning aerial views and leap out of a plane to get that adrenaline rush you yearned for. If this is your first-time skydiving, let Dubai be the destination where you strike off skydiving from your bucket list. It is totally worth it!

6. Enjoy a Rooftop fine dining experience

Turn your dinner time into a scintillating affair. Dubai’s city skyline looks breath-taking at night and one of the ways to appreciate them is by savouring a flavoursome meal at one of the city’s resplendent roof-top restaurants. There are numerous choices that offer unique panoramas of the city along with an assortment of local and international epicurean delights. However, ZETA Seventy-Seven, CE LA VIE, and The Penthouse top the chart for the ultimate post-card perfect roof-top views of Dubai city.

7. Explore Dubai on a Dubai canal cruise

A recent addition to Dubai’s treasure trove, Dubai Canal offers yet another way to explore Dubai’s magnificent sights. It has garnered attention as one of the best waterfront attractions. A cruise on the Dubai Canal takes you through breath-taking landmarks such as Sheikh Zayed Road Waterfall Bridge, Business Bay, Burj Khalifa, Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary to name a few.

8. Beat the heat at Dubai water parks

Top 15 things to do in and around Dubai

Chill out in laid-back pools or gear up for water adventure at some of the best water parks in the Middle East. Aquaventure water park, Wild Wadi water park, and Laguna water park offer a refreshing respite from the scorching Dubai heat along with splashing fun in water pools and thrilling rides. Kids too can get their fair share of water thrill at LEGOLAND waterpark located in Dubai Parks and Resorts.

9. Escape the reality at VR Park

Top 15 things to do in and around Dubai

Boasted as the ultimate virtual reality park in the world, VR Park in Dubai is the perfect spot to leave behind daily life as you know for few hours and enter a world filled with virtual fantasy, thrill, and adventure. Set inside the Dubai Mall, VR Park lets you, your friends, or your family gear up for challenging fun in over 30 single and multi-player games and simulator rides.

10. Enjoy thrilling water sports at Palm Dubai

Need some adventure in real life? Dubai has plenty of adventure options but the most exhilarating ones are on the harbourfronts and beachsides. Experience one-of-a-kind hydro sports ranging from jet-packing and flyboarding sessions to incredible sea breacher rides. Families would love to enjoy banana boat rides and donut rides. If you are an adventure lover, you will be spoilt for choices in Dubai.

11. Find simplicity at Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Top 15 things to do in and around Dubai

Turn back time and witness the mellower side of Dubai at Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. The oldest residential complex of sand-toned houses and wind towers gives a glimpse into a life contrasting to modern-day Dubai. The humble side of Dubai will leave you enamoured.

12. Try your skiing skills at Ski Dubai

Top 15 things to do in and around Dubai

Do include snow-skiing in your Dubai travel plan. That’s right! You can don winter jackets, gloves, and skiing gear and swerve and zoom on snow-covered slopes. But where in the desert city can you experience snow sports? Head to the Mall of the Emirates and unleash your winter sports skills at Ski Dubai – an indoor mountain ski resort. It is one of the best attractions to enjoy snowy landscapes any time of the year as well as get relief from Dubai’s sultry heat.

13. Step into the world of cinema at Motiongate Dubai and Bollywood Parks Dubai

Top 15 things to do in and around Dubai

Among its many amusement parks, Dubai Parks and Resorts stands out as the ultimate fun and recreational attraction. This mega theme park offers a chance to witness the magic of Hollywood and Bollywood movies at Motiongate Dubai and Bollywood Parks Dubai. Discover the splendours of Western and Indian cinema with live concerts, performances and thrilling rides.

14. Shop and have fun at Dubai Mall

Top 15 things to do in and around Dubai

Dubai Mall is unmissable! For a shopaholic, this is the ultimate place to loosen yourself and shop till you drop. Not interested in shopping? Then head to Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, VR Park and Ice Rink to enjoy some recreational fun. Don’t forget to check out the restaurants and cafes that offer a myriad of flavours to relish.

15. Discover the world at Global Village

Top 15 things to do in and around Dubai

The world comes at one place at Global Village Dubai. This mega cultural theme park welcomes guests from October to April and showcases a cultural carnival of over 90 countries. At Global Village, you have a chance to get a glimpse of your favourite destination and even savour the aromatic cuisine and shop for collectibles.


Dubai is host to a potpourri of cultural, modern, and futuristic experiences. The emirate offers countless ways to get intrigued, enthralled and awestruck. Right from serene strolls along the gorgeous waterfronts and marvelling superlative architectural wonders to jumping out of an airplane or skiing indoors, the experience varies in mood and ambience and suits all genres of travellers. It is hard to pick and choose a handful of attractions and experiences. However, one should definitely ensure to add a couple of these above- mentioned attractions to witness the best of Dubai’s wonders.

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