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5 Main Reasons Why HTML is Not a Dying Language

5 Main Reasons Why HTML is Not a Dying Language

Graphic Design Institute1362 10-Jun-2021

In 2010, Steve Jobs composed an open letter known as 'Thoughts on Flash,' where he mentioned why he chose HTML over Flash in their iOS platform. He also showed some of the facts where HTML was getting an upper edge.

HTML is an innovative technology that builds up the structure of the website and web application. And this thing can be understood by analyzing current trends of the web industry. However, not all web technology remains popular and in use for a long time because new updates keep coming.

But right now, there is no replacement for HTML5, and as per the current scenario, the trend will remain the same for 20 years and even more if it keeps getting unique updates. In this article, we will check out the top 5 reasons why HTML is not a dying language.

Video and audio support functionality

Videos and audio are becoming essential parts of any website. Therefore, it will be a worse thing if your video or audio content does not show correctly. But with the help of HTML tags, i.e., <video> and <audio>, you can integrate your video and audio content to the website. You can also take HTML training in Delhi to understand the importance of this language and the variety to optimize these elements in HTML. Aside from this, because the latest version is HTML5, it has become easier to add video and audio files to the website without using any confusing attributes.

It has a new local storage option.

Most people think the Markup language is dead after seeing the hot feature of HTML5. The latest version comes with enhanced and new local storage options, which is good to see as a developer. Because it not only improves the performance of the website but also better for security aspects.

The best point about this aspect is that it allows storage in multiple browsers, which is an excellent thing because your website will rock when a user visits. Also, HTML and CSS training can be a great thing to master this new local storage option to use effectively.

Improve interactions

If you are a programmer or developer, you will want to understand your codes after a few months, right? Therefore, you may find HTML more interesting because it helps write clean, simple, and elegant code to build up websites.

When you master this language by yourself or take HTML and CSS classes, you will need not worry about nasty and confusing codes. It also allows coders to write descriptive code, for example, if you want to add something animated. You can use <canvas> and other tags to improve interactive possibilities.

It's mobile-ready mobile.

Do you know over 90 percent of web users search for relevant items by their mobile phone? Therefore, almost all companies want to target these mobile users because it is essential to cover up a significant percentage of the market.

Therefore, using HTML is essential because it helps declare the proper structure that shows on different devices: computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile. With the help of web or graphic design training in Delhi, or else the student can learn the mobile-friendly structure, this is one of the most essential skills to learn.

Because it is used in most of the phases of the web development process. In short, you can understand that the growth of mobile users has demanded a mobile-friendly interface of the website, and it can be done with the help of HTML only.

Let's look at some of the Future aspects.

Whether you want to grow into a web developer or web designer, you must learn HTML by taking a comprehensive HTML and CSS course or watching online free tutorials. So, if you still think HTML will no longer be in use, you are aware of the market trend.

The latest version of HTML has given a great and helpful tool for web developers. These updates will keep coming to advance the web development process. Thus, if you want to be a serious programmer, you should learn HTML by yourself or by training.


Thus, HTML, the hypertext markup language, is an essential tool for every web designer and developer who wants to work in this web development industry. If you think this language will no longer be in use, then somewhere, you need to do a bit more investigation to understand the importance of this language. Moreover, I hope you have understood this point clearly and are ready to master it for better career opportunities.

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