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6 Ways to Find Online Wholesale Household Items

6 Ways to Find Online Wholesale Household Items

Jennifer James 797 30-Mar-2021

Unlike wholesale clothing or other major products, finding wholesale household items can be a little tricky. You may choose one supplier or more, but getting the right supplier is the main challenge.

Your first option might be to look for wholesale households at online marketplaces in this digital age. Here we shall discuss ways that will lead you towards finding the perfect online wholesale household items supplier.

Before we move forward, let’s understand what you need to consider while choosing your online wholesale platform.

Things to Consider While Choosing Online Wholesale Platform

You should be mindful of the following factors while selecting a wholesale website to buy your stock:

▪ The website should provide you with a Line sheet and Order form.

▪ It should have multiple billing options.

▪ Go for a wholesale website that offers free or minimal delivery rates.

▪ A website with a no-minimum-order policy is better.

The following ways can enable you to find the best online suppliers for wholesale household items:

1. Get Specific While Searching Online

When you start your online search for wholesale household items, try to be specific about your product.

Do not just write wholesalers or suppliers in the US. Try including the household items or a specific word for your wholesale products.

You can even write a product’s model, name, number, or brand name for your search. It will bring out more accurate results for you.

If any of your potential suppliers have not mentioned email or phone numbers, then you can find the information on

2. Try Major B2B Marketplaces

There are many major online B2B marketplaces in the US. You can buy premium quality household items at super affordable prices from these marketplaces.

Some of the biggest online wholesale platforms are given below:

▪ Alibaba (China)

▪ Buyer Zone (USA)

▪ Global Sources (USA)

▪ Busy Trade (Hong Kong)

▪ EC21 (Korea)

You can select a wholesale website that fits your needs. Most of these major wholesale platform delivers around the globe.

3. Look for Wholesale Lot on eBay

If you want to buy household items at bargain wholesale prices, then marketplaces like eBay are the best to start with. eBay might be the best option for you if you have just started a wholesale business for household items.

Besides, it is also possible that people who sell on eBay also deal with wholesale products. So, it is worth giving it a try.

4. Attend Virtual Trade Shows

Tradeshows are one of the most powerful ways to find suitable suppliers and grow your business. There has been a new trend of virtual tradeshows introduced after the pandemic outbreak.

You can attend these virtual tradeshows and find the best suppliers to purchase household items in bulk. You can even have face-to-face meetings with other wholesalers and suppliers through virtual trade shows.

They enable you to meet with dozens of manufacturers and wholesalers in a single day. Trade Show News Network can help you find the date and timing of upcoming virtual tradeshows.

5. Join Industry Groups and Professional Platforms

The best source of information about reliable suppliers and manufacturers is experienced wholesalers. You might not get such information without growing your network.

Social network groups are one of the best places to learn from other wholesaler’s experiences. Online forums and professional platforms can help you connect with other wholesalers.

You can get information about the most trustworthy suppliers and purchase household items at wholesale rates.

6. Subscribe to Your Industry’s Online Trade Publications

Last, but not least, trade magazines are among the best sources to know about the companies in your industry. These trade publications can inform you about many potential wholesale suppliers for household items.

You can subscribe to your industry’s online trade publications and learn about the best places to buy your wholesale products.

Besides, with the help of these online trade publications, you will stay informed about market trends.

Final Thoughts

The digital world is exploding with online wholesale marketplaces. It can be quite frustrating to find the best wholesale website for your products. We hope that you will find a perfect online platform to buy wholesale household items with the help of the methods given above.

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