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The Essential Do and Don'ts that you must Consider when you call 911

The Essential Do and Don'ts that you must Consider when you call 911

Live Safe 540 22-Feb-2021

Calling on 911 is not a routine task to do. It is an emergency call number to notify an occurrence that demands prompt support of Police, Fire, or EMS personnel. You must have a valid reason to call on 911, either related to police concern or fire or any other medical issues. There are so many policies that you and 911 agents follow up for great functioning.

But along with the policies in court, several dos and don’ts always connect when calling for real time 911 service. Some people do not know what the do and don'ts of 911 are and do not know how and when to use these services. So for the general public information and guidance, here we describe some emergency communication tips (do and don'ts) that you can follow up on when you call 911. But before this, let's know some quick cases when you need to call 911 emergency services.

When Should you call 911?

  • If you see someone falls or faints.
  • When someone has obstinate chest disorders.
  • If someone has trouble breathing.
  • When someone’s face is sagging, or when they look changed, disconnected. 
  • If you notice smoke or flame. 
  • Where there are cables down on the area or street. 
  • If someone has a garbled speech or any insensibility.
  • When there is a transportation accident with an injury.

Do's and Don'ts for 911

Don't Call Except for a Genuine and Immediate Emergency

Even if it is enabled in your power to call on the real-time 911 unnecessary, too many of them close up the telephone lines and block public security answering point operators from administering efficiently with genuine dangers. Only call 911 for dangerous or severe medical obstacles, life-threatening conditions, fires, and violations in progress.

Do Wait Calmly While the 911 Caller Asks Questions
There is much information that the 911 agents will require to get about your location before aid can be sent. Cell phones do not give exact location data. Sometimes, 911 calls can be connected to public protection, answering areas far from your location, so providing complete location and other information is essential.

Don't Hang up Until the Agent Tells You to Do So

Staying in line with the 911 agents will help them get things and information quickly without waiting for it. You may think that there is no need to keep on-call, but the emergency requires it. It can occur anytime and anywhere. So it is useful if you stay in line until the real-time 911 agent tells you to cut it off.

Do Follow the Instructions Given by the 911 Agent
There are so many things and rescues that you itself can do before the 911 agent arrives. They may instruct you to execute a quick CPR, sneak somewhere, or take another step, depending on the kind of emergency. So it is advised to follow the instruction of the 911 agent properly without doubting or questioning them. After all, they are the one who helps you in an emergency.

Don't Call Them For Unnecessary Things
It is worth mentioning here that don't call the real-time 911 agents for unnecessary to any kind of small problems like when the electricity goes off, or your dog is stuck in a tree or on the roof of the house, or to record a violation such as a robbery, theft, use of credit card, or phone objections. 911 is here to help you in severe and emergency cases.

Do Post Your Address Number Correctly
Always give accurate information to the 911 agent. If the emergency occurs near your house, precisely elaborate them so that the services can easily and quickly arrive. If you are from outside and don't know which location you are standing in, observe your nearby area and streets and tell things according to them.

911 emergency services are always available to every person. But try to not mislead them and don't make things messed up for them. You have to know in which condition you can call 911 so that you can save somebody's or your loved one's life. So it is always be advised to give accurate and precise information to 911 agents and still call them when you see an urgent emergency occurred in your area or elsewhere. Help them and help peoples!

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