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The simple yet an effective way to promote products online

The simple yet an effective way to promote products online

MindStick Software Pvt Ltd 610 10-Feb-2021

How to promote products online?

This is the question most Digital marketers ask. Well, there are a huge number of ways, and following these will make a successful marketer.

When different types of industries are promoting products through digital marketing, people engage in huge numbers and are interested to buy online.

With the help of digital marketing, lots of opportunities emerge as there are a plethora of options – like remarketing, as well as creating a clear buyer's persona.

Let’s talk about the challenges now.

When you try to promote products online, you need to know that competition will always be at its peak.

You need to be competitive with some big shots like Snap Deal, Alibaba, and more. The more the competition, the more cost would be incurred.

While getting the procedure right for your business, you must also take care to see that the cost of acquisition is minimum and the profit is maximized in the B2B domain. If you keep all the techniques of digital marketing in mind, you will get a good return over working capital.

The simple yet an effective way to promote products online

Promoting products online – the technique

Now that we have learned a bit about promoting the products online, let’s check it out to run your business more smoothly.

Marketing through social networking sites:

Marketing through social networking and B2B go hand-in-hand. Social media giants like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest is pretty much useful when it comes to selling products. Of all platforms, Instagram and Facebook are the best to redirect the customers to the product website.

Nearly 60 percent of people take an interest because the products are tangible on social media.

Pinterest as we all know is a social media platform too. And Pinterest contains mostly images, so the efficiency of sales with the help of products increases, the real product is before you.

Now we take a look at the platform which you should choose as the right podium to promote your products on.

Advertising on Facebook

You must have created a fan page on Facebook. Also, you are posting regularly on it. You are getting organic reaches but the post/product reach is not as much as you expect it to be. So, you need to break the chain and start promoting your services – using different parameters of an ideal buyer. If your post engagement is doing better than your posts, you are better off.

The simple yet an effective way to promote products online

Suppose, the age group using the product or taking interest in the commodity is more in percentage than the other age groups. So, you will target the age faction which has more of a buyer base. Keep in mind, young age has diverse preferences, while people aged 40-50 are not so diverse in their intentions. Hence to target them, you need to pay more. The more you pay, the more you avail.

The peak time is also a contingent factor to the cost. The peak time of the buyers is mostly by early morning at 9, and 7 at the dusk. You can consider 21:00 at the night too. That is a peak time too. People check social media in the morning before their usual job and in the evening or early night-time after a day’s grind.

 Besides all these factors, the product has a huge role in determining whether the costs are high or low. Some of the merchandise you sell has a definite time frame. Some have an indefinite time frame. For example – An umbrella has a definite time slot between April to September, as people require an umbrella in the rainy season.

An example of products that have an indefinite time slot is art, as well as painting.

Keep in mind, a time-bound ad is expected to cost much.

Choosing where you want to post your ad is also a factor while promoting the product. Posting the ad in the news feed of the prospective users will cost more as people usually see their feed first.

It’s important to note that you have to differentiate between a certain group of choosy people and people who are reserved. Young people, especially women between 18 to 25 tend to be pickier when it comes to products. So consideration is crucial.

Thus, these similar factors can give your ad a better customer base. You should use your analytics more often to track which customer base is most interested.

The simple yet an effective way to promote products online

Marketing on Instagram

Your Instagram business accounts could be connected to Facebook, but they work differently.

  • As we’ve discussed, people tend to buy products on Facebook and Instagram, but Instagram has a higher engagement rate than Facebook. Instagram works better as a display advertisement. People love to engage in it.
  • Since Instagram advertisements are display advertisements, they cost more.
  • Instagram is a more open and easy platform where everything happens at the touch of a button.
  • The CTR (click-through-rate) on Instagram is 2% higher than on Facebook.

The simple yet an effective way to promote products online

Marketing on Pinterest 

Pinterest works the same way as YouTube where tags, as well as the keywords, are important to play a role in determining the type of customer. Some research of keywords is required to master Pinterest.

With the introduction of shoppable pins by Pinterest, the vendor can transform their products into shoppable pins. Shoppable pins feature is accessible to all vendors who want to sell their products.

Pinterest is also a better option to promote your product online as the engagement gets much better.

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