How To Choose The Best CMS For Website Development In 2021

How To Choose The Best CMS For Website Development In 2021

Starting a website in 2021 is simpler than ever. You can choose from a lot of platforms, and many allow you to build almost any type of site you want. However, because of the sheer number of choices available, choosing which content management system (CMS) to use has never been more difficult. We will include a rundown of anything you need from the best CMS in this article.

What is a CMS?

Let us find out some amazing facts and figures about the CMS system before learning about it. With 44.6 percent of the market share, if we only give you a look into the content management system platform, WordPress is the top platform.

Any other facts and figures are here that could leave you spellbound.

A Content Management System (CMS) is an application that helps you to intuitively publish and manage content on the web. A text editor like Notepad or TextEdit will enable you to post articles directly from the CMS to your own website.

Basically, this type of CMS is a one-stop solution for building websites and managing their content. You will also get access to additional functionality that you can install using 'mods' or 'extensions' depending on what CMS you use.

Features of a Good CMS

You will have a solid understanding, by now, of what CMSs are. At this point, let us talk about some of the particular characteristics they could offer. The best CMS ought to provide:

  1. A way to post new content with ease- A good editor and plenty of choices will be included in any quality CMS to ensure that your content looks top-notch.
  2. Options for material taxonomy- The more content your website has, the more important it is to keep it all structured. That is why a CMS should allow you to generate categories, assign your articles to tags, and so on. 
  3. Page editing- You will need to create different types of pages for your website, apart from publishing content. To get the job done, your CMS can provide you with the resources you will need.
  4. Customizability- The best CMS systems are highly customizable, in our experience. That means they allow you to add almost any feature that you want, allowing you to build more advanced websites in turn.
  5. A strong community- There is the continuous growth of CMSs with active communities, so you will always have access to updates, security patches, and support from other experienced people.

These are five main characteristics that you can expect to see worth your time in every CMS. Apart from that, in terms of functionality and the types of projects, they are appropriate for, most of the best CMS options differ a lot.

TOP 5 CMS Platforms For Website Development

Let us get started with the top 10 CMS platforms without further ado.

1. WordPress

The CMS game is no stranger to WordPress, seeing as it is the most popular alternative on the market (currently 39% of all websites use it!). WordPress provides an atmosphere that is highly safe and SEO-friendly and a user-friendly backend that is strong enough for developers and easy enough to understand for beginners. Any WordPress development company would love to create websites using it.

2. Joomla

Joomla, the next popular CMS platform with more than 2 million active websites other than WordPress. If something more than Joomla, up to 3 percent of the total websites that are live at this moment are operated by it. The multilingual support and versatility that makes the CMS program suitable for users are also included.

3. Drupal

Drupal is another name that holds a great deal of weight. Although it lags in market share behind WordPress and Joomla, that does not make it any less remarkable.

For dealing with custom post forms, Drupal provides a very versatile framework. This gives you a high level of control over your users and their permissions, and can also manage out of the box multilingual websites

4. Magento

Magento is considered to be one of the top content management systems suitable for the growth of eCommerce. This is the greatest ideal shopping experience for cms and increases the flow of content. For eCommerce features, Magento has long established an enterprise CMS. It also features a comprehensive marketplace for extensions and a global library of partners for building sites and enhancing those projects.

5. Serendipity

For small blogs, Serendipity is a user-friendly CMS that is great. It is one of the lightest CMSs you can utilize.

However, that is not to suggest it is lacking in functionality. Instead, given its built-in dynamic caching settings, it provides excellent efficiency for most websites. You can expand what the platform can do using themes and plugins when it comes to features. Moreover, you can search for unique plugins from the front or back-end, which makes it easier to find the resources you like.

Factors To Consider While Choosing A CMS

We now understand various types of website development CMS platforms, but how do you choose which one is best for your company? This is where the entire game starts. Choosing the right CMS platform for your company is crucial because it will help you succeed and achieve success in the market.


Here are the key tips for selecting the correct CMS platform for your website that you need to keep in mind.

The first and foremost tip is to make sure that the characteristics meet the usability of the business or company objectives. This will help to flourish over time and to access the technological knowledge of the CMS.

Business goals

Knowing the business goals and then digging into finding the best CMS platform is important. The platform has to be in line with company objectives. With the support of a stable CMS platform, this can be easily accomplished, which can give the organization a boost towards the objectives.


For the CMS platform, it is best to finalize a budget or price and then find one. This will help you choose to finalize the platform that, according to the price set by the owners, will achieve business goals. Just make sure that it has the basic features that are needed, and what are the additional benefits that can add value to the company included in the CMS platform.

SEO friendliness

It is important to ensure that the company website follows SEO guidelines that can help to evolve in the right direction. Small business owners must ensure that marketing tactics are included when selecting the CMS platform, as not all choices are welcoming. The website is being crawled by Google, and it is SEO tactics that make this a little simpler.


Not all of this is offered by the CMS platform, but when it comes to selecting the correct platform, customization is a great addition. In the content management system, the right plugins, templates, web pages, etc. should be included, which will help to increase website accessibility and boost performance.


Overall, it depends on what you are trying to achieve and how experienced you are with site construction to select the right CMS.

With an advanced degree of customization and ease of use, you may claim that the Content Management System is used to give consistency in the business environment. Checking the CMS while settling down with the best one out is important. As a WordPress development company, we believe it is the best choice as a CMS for website development in 2021.

So, for your business, choose the right CMS and expand in the right direction.

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