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Tips for choosing a digital marketing agency

Tips for choosing a digital marketing agency

pie chan1 477 21-Dec-2020

Surely you have already realized that there is an ocean of Digital Marketing agencies that show off their great capabilities and talent on the web, not to mention those that sell promises to achieve ROI (Return on Investment) and to bring your brand 'To the next level'. 

So how to choose a Digital Marketing agency among so many options? How to make the right decision and not make a mistake by hiring a team that does not have the expertise to lead your company's online strategy?

Here are some tips for choosing a Digital Marketing agency that really helps you meet your goals.

Choose based on your goals

Before choosing a Digital Marketing agency you must be very clear about the reasons why you need it, so you will make sure to prepare a powerful brief that has all the necessary information so that they can present you with a proposal that is appropriate to your needs.

Do not fall for generic speeches and action plans that are not based on your business area, sector, objectives and needs. By being clear about the objectives you want to achieve, you will be able to perceive which agency is best aligned with those goals according to its work methodology and lines of action.

Think then, before you even start to see the profiles of the available agencies, what are your biggest goals in digital: sell more through your website, improve your image on social networks, your positioning in Google ( SEO ) or your Customer Support. This way you will know what strengths to look for when you start your selection process.

Ask for references

You don't have to go through this selection process alone. Do not hesitate to ask acquaintances or other companies with which you have contact, their recommendations. References speak louder than any sales pitch.

This research can also help you rule out, because just as they can provide you with data from good digital agencies, they also usually discover those agencies that, on the contrary, are not so convenient options.

Many agencies have their client portfolio available to the public, contact some to ask about their experience , surely you can collect valuable information for your choice.

Research their track record, experience and clients 

So we come to the third tip to choose a Digital Marketing agency. Just like when you are in a recruitment process for your office, you should evaluate the resume or experience of each candidate.

Investigate the trajectory of each agency: how long they have been in operations, what their clients have been, in which economic sectors they have experience , what are their success stories and greatest achievements.

An important piece of information to watch out for is if you have had varied customer profiles or if you are targeting companies in a particular sector or industry.

Meet the team and their individual portfolios

Do not stop at the global experience of the agency, also investigate the individual profiles of the work team that comprises it. It is very likely that they have professional profiles on LinkedIn, which can help you get an idea of the background and strengths behind the members of that agency.

You can recognize how qualified they are in each area of action , what certifications and updates they have and even if they are in a continuous training process. Remember that these are valuable reasons for choosing a team because they speak highly of your individual and collective level of knowledge.

Consider multidisciplinary

If there is a world that values the multidisciplinary action factor, it is digital. The web has taught us that it is necessary to work different areas online and offline at the same time to be successful. Digital Marketing does not work alone, we know that the online experience must be complemented with the physical and with different customer service processes, especially when we sell a product or service.

So choose an agency and team that has verifiable experience in both worlds and especially understands how they complement each other. There is the key to success and that is where your choice should point.

So, this tips helps you to choose the right Digital agency for your company. Remember that the key is to start the selection process with a clear idea of what you want to achieve by hiring the services of that team. One last piece of advice we can give you is to also evaluate your own Digital Marketing as an agency , analyze how they position themselves, how they manage their website and social networks.

You are now ready to choose the right Digital Marketing agency. Success!

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