What Important Things You Should Know About Magnetic Drilling Machines?

What Important Things You Should Know About Magnetic Drilling Machines?


The magnetic drilling device is a portable device that is close-fitting with a cutting tool fixture and an electro-magnetic base. It derives with a twist drill bit, annual cutter, milling cutter, rotatory cutter, etc. It also comes with an adjustable motor and variable speed controller to accomplish taping. In this article, we will discuss the features, applications, and working principles of a magnetic drilling machine.


A drilling machine is used to drill holes in metals that can also perform operations like thread cutting, twist drilling, reaming, and countersinking. This device makes a hole with the help of special known as core drill or annual cutter.

They are widely used for drilling holes at the remote location. It is ideal to find a reliable magnetic drilling machine manufacturer to get high-quality products at affordable prices. Below, I’m going to share the features, applications, and working principle of a magnetic drilling device that you should know.

Operational Features of Magnetic Drilling Machine

The magnetic drill press is a great option for both on-site and off-site works. They are applicable in several fields like construction, fabrication, and the heavy engineering industry. Since the device is generally used for drilling holes, they are also applicable for the repair or construction of structural steel. Now, these machines come lightweight and are perfect for manufacturing or fabrication shops. People can also use this machine for non-controlled shop conditions. They are also configurable in both vertical and horizontal positions. There are some types of magnetic drills including automatic and semi-automatic feed, pneumatic, cordless, and horizontal.

Application of Magnetic Drill Machine:

The drill presses are used in many fields, including:

Bridge construction

Pre-engineered building (PEB)

Heavy engineering companies

Manufacturing industries

Fabrication industry

Boiler manufacturing

Rail drilling

Railway coach manufacturing

Wind turbine manufacturing

Automobile industries

Tower and pole construction

Mechanism and Working Principle of Magnetic Drilling Device

A magnetic drill press works on a magnetic drill machine motor. Its mechanism is the same as that of the DC motor with particular speed and torque controls. Now, take a look at the working principle of the machine in a few steps:

Keep the machine on the workpiece that you want to drill

Attach the core drill along with the ejector pin to the arbour based on the diameter and cutting depth of the hole that you are going to make.

Place the machine with the placement where the hole is to be made.

Connect the device with the power based on the model type and adjust the speed of the drill press to the required cutting speed rate.

Switch on the magnetic switch and the motor. And don’t crash the motor on the workpiece directly.

Switch on lubrication for smooth operation. You can use more lubricant to get the desired result.

Give the downward feed to the machine for creating the hole.

After finishing the drilling job clean the workspace for avoiding unnecessary accidents.

Protection While Using the Magnetic Drill Machine

Don’t use a drilling machine in a flammable or potentially explosive environment.

Always use the machine under proper supervision and guidance provided by a professional expert.

Pre-check the safety chain and function of the switch

To avoid a hazardous accident, make sure to switch off the machine and remove the plug from the socket.

Check the machine twice before using and don’t keep the cables hang over the edges.

Keep your device clean, dry, and free of oil and grease.

Always keep the drilling machine out of children.


These are some important things that you should know about magnetic drilling machines. You can find a reliable magnetic drill press manufacturer to buy high-quality products for your application.

About the Author:

The author is associated with a magnetic drilling machine manufacturer that specialise in the manufacturing of magnetic base drilling machines since 1989. The company has been producing magnetic core drill machines, core drills made from high-quality steel grades, bevelling machines for preparing edges, and chamfering and deburring machines for the metalworking industry.

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