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Google Largest Market Share

Google Largest Market Share

Anshu Dwivedi 622 09-Dec-2020

In 1998 two Stanford University Ph.D. students larry page and Sergey brin founded a company whose name was google. The name plays on the number googol-1 followed by 100 zeros and indicates a large amount of data available for the user to access. to the massive quantity of data available online that the company helps users find.

Google main mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. its first goal was to make a perfect search engine .once upon a time when yahoo has the largest market share but today google has about 70 %market share.

Google search works because it has the URL of millions of links it ranks the pages which site has the valuable content. Google is an innovative company over time it has come with new and branded innovation.

Google creates and distributes its products for free which in turn has attracted a host of online advertisers seeking targeted advertising space .about 96percent of its revenue comes from online advertising space. Google has its advertising platform which is called adword .

Google provides an advertising program called Adsense anyone can install AdSense on their site if is fulfilling google terms and condition google target ads run on that site they can also earn the money.

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