Customer Centric Marketing 4 A's Of Marketing

Customer Centric Marketing 4 A's Of Marketing

The four A‘s of marketing 

Acceptability, Affordability, Accessibility, and Awareness.

According to Jagdish Sheth and Rajendra Sisodia. Poor management a consequence of not knowing what drives consumers is behind the majority of marketing failure. When you are aware of the persona of the customer then the chances of success automatically increase. When all the things are prepared by analyzing the customer need, interest, and desire and 4’a of marketing is the same approach toward that.

Acceptability: Acceptability is the extent to which a firms' total product offering exceeds customer expectations. The psychological acceptability can be improved by accepting certain amounts of changes to brand image, packing, design, and positioning.

Affordability: Affordability is the extent to which a customer in a target market is able and willing to pay the product price. Affordability has two dimensions first one is economic (ability ) and the second one is psychology (willingness to pay ). 

Accessibility: Access the extent to which customers are able to readily acquire the product has two dimension availability and convenience .successful companies develop innovative ways to deliver both, as online shoe retailer Zappos does with excellent customer service and return policies and its tracking of up to the minute information about warehouse stock, brands, and style.

Awareness: Awareness is the first stage of converting a person into a customer. At this stage, people are introduced to the characteristics of marketing and reminded them to purchase it. At this customer has only information about the product but marketing and word of mouth give the knowledge about the product.

Anshu Dwivedi

Anshu Dwivedi

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