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Hyperledger Blockchain

Hyperledger Blockchain

BlockchainX625 27-Nov-2020

What’s so remarkable?

The Hyperledger umbrella project has revolutionary potential for

enterprises looking to build innovative solutions.

It’s open-source, so anyone can use it.

It promises the perfect mix of Transparency and Security.

Let’s see how.


-The distributed ledger system eliminates information infringement,

perfect for businesses.

-You can limit the data you want transparent to “permissioned”


-Upgraded consensus to control transactions.

-Immune to double-spend or “51%” attacks associated with miners.

-Immutable storage ensures that data is never lost.

-All data us cryptographically secured.

-Node and Transaction Processor Security

-Smart contracts called “chaincode” for automating tasks and certificate handling.


-All data is visible to all permissioned participants.

-Detailed data analysis and audit with date and time stamps.

-New data is added to new blocks while a cryptographic hash ensures a clear record of old data.

-Immutable storage ensures extra level of transparency.

-Transactions can be made visible to select participants.

-Chaincode is set up to assess read-write operations on peers.

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The Hyperledger umbrella project opens revolutionary opportunities

to enterprises all over the globe, looking to create the most innovative

blockchain-based solutions the world has ever seen. It brings to the

table a perfect mix of unprecedented Transparency and Security that

it’s predecessor’s have not been able to do. And what’s more? Its

completely open-source, meaning that anyone can use it. So, let’s look

at what makes the Hyperledger Blockchain so remarkable and trust worthy.

This is BlockchainX, and here is everything you need to know.

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