Various Types Of link:Internal,External,Organic,Backlink

Various Types Of link:Internal,External,Organic,Backlink

Different types of link

There are many types of the link when we talk about ranking a site .since linking play a significant role to pass link juice or we can say authority. There are two types of site first one is newbie which is at its beginning stage and the second one is an old site which has to gain some authority in their niche or category over the period of time. Today we will talk about three types of linking : 

• Internal link

• External link

• Backlink

• Organic link

Internal linking

Going from one page to a different page of the same website or domain is called internal linking. In this, you introduce visitors to other pages of your site containing the same information. The dwell time of the site starts increasing. If you see it from a crawling point of view when you link another page of the website google also crawls it.

External link

linking one page of a site to another page of a different website or domain is called external linking. There are many factors which you should keep in mind while linking your site with others.

Don’t use words like click here, learn more, read more as Anchor text.

Link site which has the authority and it is popular.

Don use more external link


A backlink is an incoming link to the webpages. It is a link that a page gets from another website. It is important because backlink one of the important factor in ranking any site

It can be understood by an example if you have created very quality content .but you don’t share your link with a different site containing similar type of content .this process of sharing linking on different wnt forum or platform is called backlinking.

  • Don’t link with the spammy site.
  • Create a link by looking at its domain authority, page authority, and spam score

Organic link 

When you give a link to another site without knowing you just give a link because it is similar to your site. 

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