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Significance of Domain Authority And Page Authority in Search Engine Ranking

Significance of Domain Authority And Page Authority in Search Engine Ranking

Anurag Dwivedi 737 06-Nov-2020

Domain Authority And Page Authority

Domain authority gives data no of a reputed backlink to your is seen that the authority of that backlink also contributes to the ranking of your site. It is considered the best factor to compare your site with the competitor.

There are several ways by following which you can improve the DA (Domain Authority ) of the site :

Select a Good Domain Name For Your Site

A domain name is the identity of your website so choose it carefully. In the online world domain name play a significant role.

It should be easy to remember as well as it clearly defines your purpose of making a website .2 word domain name start with the same letter is good don’t use a long-tail domain name

Properly Optimize Your On-Page Content  

Fulfill all the factors of on-page SEO like title, heading, meta description, tags, internal and external linking, and many other factors.

Create linkable content

As we know content is king in inbound marketing. If your content is good then other things would be taken care of. Suppose you have created content then site owners of the same niche would want to give the link of your content as reference.

Internal Linking

Many SEO aspirants waste their lots of time in backlinking but they forgot the importance of internal linking in SEO. Internal linking has the capability to improve the ranking of your site.

Site Should Be  Mobile  Friendly

It is seen that almost 50% of websites are open on mobile so your website should be mobile-friendly. If you are ignoring this factor then you are losing many visitors.

Create Authority In Your Niche

When you work online then your website is your salesperson. If you have not created trust in your niche Then your website would not serve a purpose. When you created some trust then DA would automatically improve.

Decrease Loading Time

Your visitors always have an option. You gain the ranking based on the usefulness of your content to the visitor .your open period is of 3 seconds.

Promotion of Content on Social Media

Content is for the visitors. Its value and ranking go high when more and more people would see it .so share it as many ways are possible.

Page Authority

It is a type of score which was developed by Moz that predicts how a site would rank in SERP.

Page Authority rank from 0-100. A site has DA in between 40-50 is considered as average and between 50-60 is good and above 60 is said excellent.

I help the business to increase the quality and quantity of traffic on their site by optimizing their site. You can use me to create SEO-friendly content. .As we all know paid ads become costly day by day so businesses using SEO to generate traffic at a very low cost

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