2captcha API- How Many Captcha Have You Seen?

2captcha API- How Many Captcha Have You Seen?

We all have seen that square box with some distorted letters or imagery that we have to complete to continue further. This is the most common type of Captcha that is still working even after making its way in the late '90s and early 2000s. However, there are several other kinds of Captcha as well that you may or may not have seen. There are several Captcha types when the 2captcha API is used to solve the Captcha. This is because there are types of Captcha that are hard to solve and this is where people use 2captcha bot to get rid of this. Here are some famous types of Captcha. 

Math Problem Captcha

One of the most common types of captcha is the math problem. This is the most common type of captcha where you will have to answer a simple equation such as "4+6=?" and you are done. You will be wondering that this is a simple equation that can be so difficult about this. This can be easy for human users but the fact is it is not easy for the bot users. No human user will need to use the anticaptcha service for the solution.

Image Captcha

This is another common yet fun Captcha type. Here you will need to select two identical images each time when it is prompted. This is very effective against the spam bots but a regular human user can easily pass through this type of Captcha. However, sometimes because of the broken links, slow internet, and technical errors may cause problems and users will not be able to solve this. The anti-captcha service can help such users to solve such Captcha types.

Social Media Log In

Though it is not very common some forum will ask their user to use the social media login to submit their answers, comments, or complete the signup. This is one of the most effective Captcha types as the real users will not hesitate to provide details but a bot user will. No users will need to use anti captcha API to bypass such Captcha.

Honey Pot Captcha

This is also known as the hidden Captcha because unlike any other Captcha type, the honey pot is a type of Captcha that will stay hidden from normal users. Because a bot is designed to tick mark every box they see this means they will tick mark those locations where a human user isn't supposed to so it makes it easier to identify the culprit and the human users without using anti captcha key can enjoy a hurdle free internet without any hassle. Though some bots can bypass such Captcha but still most of the bots aren't smart enough to go through such Captcha type and this Captcha is still a good security measure.

If you are constantly facing Captcha while surfing the internet or sending emails or at any moment you can opt for 2 Captcha to solve the Captcha without any hassle.

Last updated:10/21/2020 1:50:39 PM
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