Services Provided by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Insurance

Services Provided by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Insurance

Are you the Traveler?

Or do you call yourself an occasional traveler?

Hey, are you just a traveler or a safe Traveler?

Traveling for most people is an escape from their hectic lives. If you face any issue during your trip, then the time you wanted to the best of all times will suddenly turn into a nightmare. That is why it is said never to lose a sense of excitement. While planning for a big trip, the first thing that you must plan for is your travel insurance.

When you buy travel insurance, you have to be very careful. You should be clear about your requirements and what services you want to be included in your travel insurance.

The best travel insurance which provides you with the most beneficial services at a reasonable rate is Berkshire Hathaway Travel Insurance. Individually or in collaboration with other travel insurance providers like Travel Insurance Master, they provide quality insurance.

You might be wondering why Berkshire Hathaway Travel Insurance is the best travel insurance. To clear your doubts, we'll discuss what facilities Berkshire Hathaway Travel Insurance provides, which helps them stand out.

1. Travel Health Insurance

If you experience medical issues during your trip abroad, medical insurance will cover the expanses of hospitals and doctors up to the benefit limit.

Whenever you buy a travel health condition, consider their terms for pre-existing conditions and primary or secondary type of medical insurance.

There are two types of travel health insurance. Primary is the one that covers all your medical expenses in the first place. Now it's your will if you would like to buy the primary travel health insurance from a travel insurance provider, or would you like to use your regular health plan.

When the primary travel health insurance reaches its limits, secondary health insurance comes into light and takes care of the coverage of your remaining hospital bills. Secondary health insurance is nothing without primary travel health insurance.

The other thing you need to take care of while buying a travel health insurance plan is your pre-existing conditions. The pre-existing condition includes the problem of blood pressure, hypersensitivity, chronic diseases, etc.

Some travel health insurance plans do cover for your pre-existing problems, and some do not. You will have to buy the insurance plan within 15 days of making the first deposition of your trip in such conditions. Don't forget to look thoroughly into everything because every plan has its terminology and different facilities to offer.

2. Trip Cancellation

Trip cancellation includes coverage of the charges you have already paid in the case due to some reason during the trip you are forced to cut short your trip. This reason can be anything like your ill health, terror attack in the country you visit, or ill health of a relative back in your native town.

If your flights get canceled, and you have to stay in a hotel, your travel insurance provider will cover the hotel's bill.

In case you or your close family member gets sick a day before the onset of your trip, and now you can't go on a trip, then you can cancel the trip. In this case, the travel insurance provider will need evidence from the doctor confirming that you or your closed one is sick to avoid travel.

3. Takes Care of Your Stuff

In case your luggage is lost or is late to arrive from the airport, you will not have to wear the same clothes all the time. Your travel insurance provider will help you with the replacement of the clothes and things that you need.


These are three necessary facilities provided by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Insurance in collaboration with Travel Insurance Master. This eventually gives you a strong reason to buy this travel insurance plan to have a safe and sound trip abroad.

Travel Insurance Master

Travel Insurance Master

Travel Insurance Masters, LLC proudly serves as a go-to source for your travel insurance needs. We have diligently selected to work with only the best travel insurance providers to present you with the best travel insurance policy and features for your needs.


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