Here's Why Your Business is Facing Low Conversion Rates?

Here's Why Your Business is Facing Low Conversion Rates?

Does your business is having a low conversion rate? Are you not sure about the best practice to improve your website? No matter in which situation you’re in, this article will help you to boost your conversions, help you calculate your conversion rates, and comparing your company to the competition.

  • Here are some major observations related to website data:
  • Your website visitors are leaving, and you don’t know why.
  • Your website has low visitor engagement.

A high bounce rate and low conversions are your major concerns.

If you’re experiencing any of the above problems, you know that you’re having low conversion rate than expected. This article will help you get rid of these problems and find a proper solution.

You may not be aware of which copy elements or design your website should have in order to increase the conversion rate. And that’s what Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is for.

These days, more and more businesses are searching for “conversion rate optimization” on Google than ever before.

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of finding out what’s wrong on your website, business, or anything else, and understand how to fix it, and optimize your website or business to it’s best to increase the conversion rate.

Businesses whose conversion rate increased last year are conduction 50% more surveys, A/B tests, and 47% are using different methods to improve the conversion rate even more.

According to Econsultancy, Companies whose conversion rates improved last year are conducting 50% more A/B tests and 47% are using more methods to improve conversion.

Problem with CRO Implementation

CRO is an industry that growing very fast, which results in a number of challenges and scarcity of resources. And that’s maximum damage happens.

In addition to this, CRO is still considered as an additional or optional marketing approach, not a necessary one. I know, there are marketers who believe in some quick fixes to do the magic. In that case, your conversion rate can be dissatisfactory.

Here are some of the major problems with CRO:

  • No defined process and lack of resources
  • No quality assurance
  • Lack of technical knowledge
  • Limited industry experience

No Defined Process and Lack of Resources

According to a survey by ConversionXL, nearly 41% of companies had no one, especially for the conversion rate efforts. It also shows that 30% of companies have dedicated employees for conversion optimization.

Mostly, there is no one dedicated to analyzing data, running tests, giving well-researched suggestions, and boosting the conversion rate. Besides this, without a defined process, your conversion rate will see a decrease or fluctuation.

Another problem is the budget for CRO. As CRO is pictured as something “optional,” a small budget is required for this process.

Lack of resources leads to no or less understanding of your customers or users, and that leads to less scope of experimentation. And this leaves businesses in a tough situation where they lack in testing new ideas for a better conversion rate.

No Quality Assurance

If you don’t do any quality checks such as cross-device testing, cross-browser testing, etc, a lot of errors will occur, and creates a tough scenario. Also, there are no set KPI’s to validate the results.

Lack of Technical Knowledge

According to CXL, About 58% of CRO professionals have been in the industry for about 2 years.

A basic understanding of UX, Design, Statistics, Analytics, or Development doesn’t suffice to become a CRO expert. You need to have a good grip on all of these to become a CRO expert or to run a successful CRO program.

There are hundreds of experts and thousands of business owners who still get confused with A/B testing and the entire conversion process, and totally unaware of what they can do about conversion rate optimization. In such cases, it gets hard to measure success, especially if they don’t even know about the metrics.

Limited Industry Experience

As the CRO industry is rising, it’s important to stay updated with the industry. Limited industry knowledge can sometimes make you made the wrong decisions which prioritizing A/B testing hypotheses or choosing a CRO platform—which can damage a lot.

As a Result

  • Limited or no understanding of customers and visitors
  • Unexplored CRO capabilities
  • Low conversion rates
  • Drop-in ROI

What you imagined and what you experience could have differences with that result.

All the success stories that you heard and see online with amazing results like 300% more conversion, a 47% increase in sales, or a 500% increase in social shares, it’s pretty easy to believe that you’re only a few steps away to achieve that.

Unfortunately, conversion rate optimization isn’t that easy. Just running a test based on assumption isn’t enough to have better conversion rates—in fact, only 1 out of 7 A/B tests produce a winning result!

So, What’s the Solution?

Having a predefined and good CRO process and a dedicated team or just a person dedicated to CRO is what it takes.

It’s known that many organizations and companies have the resources to have a CRO process, but that shouldn’t stop you from testing. The rising need for a dedicated CRO team has led many CRO experts to create CRO agencies and build CRO platforms to move to a solution-based approach. They provide a dedicated CRO team and CRO experts to help you with the research, post-campaign analysis, and much more.

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