8 New Trends in Traditional Wear

8 New Trends in Traditional Wear

There is one attire in which everyone feels confident and that is the traditional wear. Traditional wear makes you look more charming and it goes on almost every occasion. You appear to be more elegant and without a doubt, traditional couture is one of the most beautiful outfit one can wear. in today’s time, there have been a lot of changes of how you wear a traditional attire in terms of the style. A lot of new variants have come up in this area to up your level of how you carry a traditional dress.

Some of the new trends in the traditional dressing are really interesting so read for yourself the complete article to know them so that you can rock your look the next time you head out in this attire.

1. Shrugs

Carrying a shrug over a simple or a plain kurti is the trend nowadays. The rest of the outfit is usually plain and the shrug is embroidered or printed to give it a heavy yet subtle look. It is worn with either pants or a full length kurti or a skirt, whatever suits you and your style. The sleeves are usually with flairs to give it a more modern look.

2. Sharara Pants

Sharara pants is not a new trend per se but is definitely the one which has gained pace over the last few months. They were very famous previously also but eventually the style got outdated. And now that it has bounced back, it is not going anywhere for quite some time. You can wear a heavy embroidered short kurti to go with plain or bordered sharara pants and you will be the one everyone looks at.

3. Layered Skirts

This trend goes very well for people who are on the slim side since the layers make them look somewhat less skinny. It gives an additional weight to your body and that’s why the body shape looks great in this kind of an outfit. The layers also add a modern look to the traditional dress which makes it perfect for any occasion.

4. Dhoti Suit

Dhoti suit is another trend which is gaining pace these days. Gone are the days of a normal kurti with a legging or churidar. Now is the time to experiment and that’s what this dress is about. You can wear a heavy or a simple kurti to go with a dhoti style bottom. It gives grace to the clothing and is an stylish alternative to your regular wear of kurtis.

5. Jacket Style

This style is very much similar to the shrug style wherein you can replace the shrug with the jacket. You can experiment with a lot of designs and colour combinations in this three-cloth set. What’s special with this dress is that you can even wear the jacket on any casual top so it will work both ways. You can also get a jacket according to the size you prefer. Short jackets up to the waist looks great too and are usually heavily embroidered.

6. Ruffle Sarees

Ruffle sarees are those which have ruffles or frills either on the arms or on the whole saree. Earlier, these frills were used in skirts and dresses for girls and now that has been introduced in sarees as well. It adds a funky touch to any ordinary saree and makes you look more youthful.

7. Dhoti Saree

This is just a mix of dhoti instead of a regular pleat of a saree. It gives an indie kind of a look making it an indo-western dress. It gives comfort as well since many women find it difficult to walk in a saree. This problem is eliminated with this attire. So, you can look amazing within your comfort with this type of clothing.

8. Belt Sarees

With people inventing different styles to wear a saree, saree with a belt is the new thing here. The best of this outfit is that it keeps the saree intact. You can experiment with a number of belts too- leather belt, corset or a metallic belt, belt of the same fabric as that of your saree to complete your look. Above all this, you can even wear a jacket on top of the saree and then wear a belt over that. There is just so much that you can do with just a single piece of belt.

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