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Top 5 search engines

Top 5 search engines

Robert Spinks 1036 04-Sep-2020

1. The modern Internet is hard to imagine without search engines. They process billions of requests every day through desktop browsers and mobile apps. Sophisticated algorithms literally predict user actions, suggest possible options for the input data, and give the most accurate results.

But what's the best search engine on the web today? Why do we give preference to a particular search engine? In our article, we will analyze which search engines have gained the most popularity and what are their fundamental differences.

First, let's find out which search engines are the most popular in the world. To do this, let's turn to the data provided by the reputable analytical agency NetMarketShare. This table displays the top 5 search engines and the percentage of requests from users of personal computers for 2020:

search system number of requests

Search system Number of requests
Google 74.87%
Baidu 10.18%
Bing 7.86%
Yahoo! 5.55%
Yandex 0.74%

It is easy to see that the search engine from is leading with the maximum lead over its competitors.

Besides, Google is one of the most minimalistic search engines out there.Top 5 search engines

On the main page, the user sees only the logo and the search bar. Also, users are attracted by interesting doodles - Google logos that are redrawn in honor of a specific date or event. Very often, such doodles are made interactive. Thus, according to all of the above indicators, Google is by far the best search engine.

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Updated 06-Nov-2020
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