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Reasons to Pursue a CFA career

Reasons to Pursue a CFA career

MyLogicVideos 443 18-Aug-2020

Students generally look for a career path through which they can add value to the society at large and CFA offers them these unique advantages which are greatly valued. CFA’s have multiple abroad travelling opportunities and students get a chance to explore multilingual and multi-cultural aspects due to the spread of globalization.

CFA’s are known for their balanced personality and are typically multi-talented. Additionally, CFA training in India also prepared them to perform highly specialized job functions like auditing, management consulting, financial reporting, tax advisory services etc. We understand that you are inclined towards finance and considering CFA as a career option, hence here is a list of the top benefits of pursuing a CFA career-

Your work profile will get differentiated

Apart from the educational benefits of pursuing a CFA charter, individuals get very easily differentiated with a degree which clearly stands out in resumes.

Your work experience is “valued”

CFA is one of the degrees where your work experience is highly valued. The committee looks into the experience you carry while granting you the charter. This is done with a view that professionals need to be both practically and theoretically proficient.

CFA training in Bangalore, offered by MyLogicVideos not only ensures that student’s knowledge is not bookish but also relevant practically. They check people have relevant exposures to fields like equity research, investment banking etc. A CFA® designation offers in-depth knowledge and ability to handle challenging finance roles.

More effective and budget friendly

The market is saturated with MBA’s or Master of business administration degree holders. Getting a CFA not only helps you get valuable differentiation but also it is quite cost effective as compared to the investment you would need to make for a good B-School MBA.

It is however difficult to equate both the courses as each has its own benefits uniquely and is at the disposal of candidate choices. However, it can be easily stated that if you wish to plunge into finance, CFA is definitely more beneficial because it offers core finance knowledge like stock broking, portfolio management etc.

Exposure to multiple financial roles

A CFA® Program is not just limited to investment banking and equity research but offers multi-faceted profiles as well. Charter students are preferred in any fields like Fin-tech, Foreign Exchange, Alternative Investments or other offbeat profiles. The reason is rigorous CFA training of core finance syllabus which makes CFA’s prepared for demanding profiles.


CFA is known to be the most prestigious qualification in the investment and finance domain. Corporates and people generally understand the intense and grueling effort which is required to gain a charter. Hence, it is easier for them to step into the industry as the charter offers instant authenticity certification.

Wide networking opportunities

All charter degree holders by default become a part of the CFA Society® which provides them more access to learning resources and increases connectivity majorly. Networking boosts career prospects. CFA Society® also keeps charter holders updated with relevant job openings globally so that they are free to explore multiple roles.

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