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These days, no retailer can think to be successful without owning a well-established online E-commerce store. Among so many E-commerce platforms there, Magento is the most preferred choice of merchants. With a plethora of themes, extensions, and widgets, this web platform is allowing owners to build attractive and flexible e-stores. If you are an owner of a Magento E-commerce store, then you need to keep watch for the new updates and trends. Remaining up to the minute year after year helps store owners to beat the competition and achieve the e-commerce goals.

Here is the list of top Magento web design and development trends 2020:

AI And Chatbots Are Benefiting The E-commerce Industry

AI and chatbots are the key technologies that are becoming popular across different web platforms. By considering these technologies, moderne-store owners can deliver a more personalized shopping experience to customers and gain huge profits. Artificial Intelligence learns about the customers through their collected information and on-screen behaviour. The data further helps store owners to bring value to the products so that customers get what they want.

Chatbots are booming in the form of little pop-up dialogue boxes. These small chat pop-ups ensure that there is someone round the clock to answer the queries of customers, helping build trust and turn customers into buyers.

Social Selling Can Do A Lot For Your Online Store

It is another most popular Magento design and development trend of 2020. If you have an E-commerce store on Magento, then you can prefer to start selling your products on different social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and so more. All these platforms can help you earn revenue for your store. By promoting your products in front of the right audience, one can also increase brand presence.

Be Smarter With The Organic Searches

If you are thinking of relaxing after the development of your Magento store, then you are wrong. You need to put a little more effort to bring sales to your E-stores. And the best way to make your business rank higher in Google is to provide your customers with smart search options like filters so that customers can go deeper into the site and make an ideal purchase.  

Quality Content & Images Goes A Long Way

The look of the E-commerce store matters a lot for the audience over the web. The reason is that people usually focus on quality and prefer to open the site that is full of impressive and attractive images and videos. Without high-quality images and content, it is impossible to offer customers personalized shopping experience.

Use Push Notifications As Powerful Weapon

In the E-commerce world, push notifications are the hot trend of 2020. It is an approach that helps businesses to track the activities of customers and urge them to buy products. A push notification is a kind of text message that pops up on the users' system to engage their interest in products, further helping generate sales.

In The End!

The innovations in the E-commerce industry will take place in every coming year. If you keep your Magento e-store updated with the latest trends, then no one can stop customers from shopping at your store again and again. Moreover, you need to hire an experienced Magento development agency that helps you achieve engaging web design in Mississauga and opt for the latest technologies faster.

Hurry up! Contact the best Magento development team for the integration of 2020 trends today. 

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