How to write quality SEO content with these 7 simple steps

How to write quality SEO content with these 7 simple steps

Getting to write quality SEO content in such a way that they have a true positioning efficiency goes beyond the famous semantic latencies, tags or keyword stuffing. A text with good SEO is very easy to write. You just have to answer the questions that users can ask in a bottle and white.

 Tips for writing content with SEO

The first thing you have to know is that Google makes money for being the best content search engine that exists today. To achieve this, you have to provide users with the best answers to all those questions they ask you on a daily basis.

Things that work in quality SEO texts


The most common is that an article is oriented to a topic or a keyword that you know you are looking for.

It is important to be clear that it does not matter if you hesitate to use 'bicycle sale', 'bicycle sale' or 'sell a bicycle'. What really counts is what is behind all those keywords, what is the true intention of the user to access the content writing service.

You will never be clear about what is most searched for on the net. That is why it is convenient that you use tools specifically designed to help you in that task, such as the Google Key Planner or SemRush, which will tell you the volume of use of each keyword.


It is a forgotten part on many occasions, but it must also be optimized and aligned with the content theme and with the main keyword. It is best to eliminate those words that do not contribute anything special, such as prepositions, conjunctions, and other stop words.

In terms of extension, there is no proven maximum that works, but it is best not to exceed three levels.

If we talk specifically about blog writing services, the ideal is always that the subject of the content to be read is at the first level.

The title must have strength

Keep in mind that any topic you are going to talk about has already been used in other posts , so you have to differentiate yourself from the rest .

You must bear in mind that the title must be between 50 and 70 characters in order for it to appear in search engine results. However, there are occasions when a longer text can have better engagement, as happens on social networks. The final decision is always yours.

The description is a secret weapon

The meta description is the text that appears just below the title in Google results. The truth is that it does not influence the position in which you will appear, but it does influence the attraction it generates to the user. If the description of the site has energy, users will have more access to read all the content you offer.

There are tools like Serpsimulator or Seomofo that will help you check how the description that you have entered along with the titles is.

A coherent structure is a great ally

Think of a newspaper article where the first thing you see is the beginning of the story, the title appears in the middle and the subtitle is right at the end. Surely for you, it is something that does not make any sense, because for Google it does not.

You must burn in your mind that the H1 is the main title, the largest, and then the H2 and, within the latter, the H3, as many as you want to introduce to separate the ideas in a clear way. Beyond subtitle H3 there should be no need to go.

If you only fulfil this condition, your text will have already advanced a lot on the right path towards good positioning.

Things that don't work when writing SEO Texts

Not only do you have to know the things that work to be able to write SEO texts correctly. You also have to know what you should never do and what you should avoid at all costs so that the search engines do not penalize you.

Keyword density

The number of times your primary keyword appears per 100 words shouldn't be excessive. But above all, you should not include it without mentioning it, making your text lose all meaning.

The extension

The content that contains more amounts of words tends to rank better because it usually deals with topics in depth. But you have to assess whether during the time it takes you to write a 3,000-word post , you can write several shorter ones.

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