Why Pop Display are ideal Promotional Material to enhance your Sales?

Every brand and retailer tries hard to highlight its products to the maximum so that they are prominently visible to most of the customers and catches their attention. Pop Display stands serve this purpose effectively and have proven to increase the sales of the products at retail as much as 20%. Let us explore why they are considered an ideal promotional choice to elevate the sales of products.

What’s a display that is POP?

Before delving into what makes the point of purchase displays an ideal promotional tool, let us first clarify what they really are and what functions they serve. A point of purchase display is a marketing material placed at the checkout locations in malls and retail stores to stimulate the customers to make a last minute purchase or encourage them to try out a specific product. They highlight the products more and attract the attention of even the most uninterested customers towards them and accelerate their sales to a significant extent.

Attract Impulsive Buyers:

Cardboard pop displays are an effective solution to attract the attention of the impulse buyers. Their prominent and unique appearance draws the attention of even the most uninterested customers. The positions they are placed at act as a cherry on the top in triggering their impulse purchases. While customers are in long lines at the checkout locations waiting for their turn, these displays standing near them can keep them engaged and attracted. They compel them to buy the products placed in them and thus increase the sales of the products. Most of the purchases are often unplanned, especially the food and beverage items and pop stands are one of the factors involved in boosting their sales.

Promote Brand Recognition:

Printed pop display prominently highlights the name of the respective brand and make it recognizable to a large number of audience. They are a great way to give maximum exposure to a newly launched brand. When it comes to advertising, successful is the brand that remains in the eyes of the customers. This is why even the leading brands of the industry use this technique to always remain in front of the customers and maintain their position. They give free display stands to the retail shops and malls printed with their brand name and product images to make sure they remain in the eyes of the customers and get further brand recognition.

Effective Marketing Communication:

The packaging is not enough to market the products as it offers a limited space to convey the messages and also not every customer holds the product in their hands to read what it has to say. This is where the pop display case again comes to your help. It helps you effectively communicate your marketing message to a massive audience. They make your brand highlighted among the rest of the brands and offer you enough space to educate the customers about the special features and values of your products. They let you communicate the information to the customers that don’t fit on your product packaging due to limited space. Printing promotional offers on them has also proven to be quite fruitful for brands.

Highlight New Products:

As the custom Pop Display have the potential to attract the maximum attention of the customers, they are the best choice to highlight the newly launched products and make them noticeable to the customers. They work as an extra salesperson and generate the interest of customers into a product. Retailers and manufacturers are well-aware of the amazing marketing benefits of these display stands. This is why they give them special preference to promote the products that need the most attention to gain recognition from the customers and build an image in the market.

Smartly Position the Products:

Many a time, the shelf space where you ideally want to locate your products is not available in stores. In such cases, the Custom Pop Display stands are a great way of smartly placing your products next to the complementary products that they are mostly used with. This gives enough flexibility to the brands and retailers to put their products anywhere they want. They also offer a convenient experience to the customers by saving them from struggling to reach on the last corner of the shelves to grab the product.


Advertising the products on the media platforms turns out to be quite heavy on your pocket while the display stands can do it effectively without breaking the bank. Their feasibility is further enhanced when they are manufactured with recycled materials like cardboard and kraft. The recycling of these materials is easier than the processing of fresh raw materials which is why they are offered affordable. Even the newly emerged brands that have no budget to spend on expensive advertisements can use these display tools to effectively promote their brand while being easy on their pocket.

The promotional benefits of point of purchase displays are undeniable. The emerging and leading, all categories of brands recognize their importance and use them to enjoy amazing marketing benefits. They have proven to trigger the buying impulse of the customers and skyrocket the sales of the products featured in them. They are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools and have a great significance in increasing brand awareness among a huge audience.

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