PHP encoder- Best and easy way to protect your PHP code

PHP encoder- Best and easy way to protect your PHP code

The application PHP encoder is the most powerful application which is developed by the Illumination. PHP encoder is developed to protect your source code. This application PHP encoder authorizes your scripts to encode PHP before the distribution.

PHP encoders are the representation of programs designed to provide safeguards to your IP/patent/trade secret by PHP encoder application. The PHP encoder can be obtained by providing a license. The target of PHP Encoder is to provide installation of targeted domain and server etc. And also provide the limitation for different features. This is helpful for free trails.

Best and easy way to protect your PHP codes:

If you are looking for the answer to protect your PHP codes in a comfortable and best way, you are in the right place. Here are you all answers and solution of your problems which will be easy for you to understand here is a complete guide for you.

Some things are readily available, but they are not entirely feasible for you to use it like obfuscating your codes. Obfuscating your code is a secure method, but sometimes it can be illicit and disrupt your customers. Here are a few things that help you protect your codes in the best and are not illicit and disruption for you or your customers.

Update your PHP regularly:

These days, the most popular and newest version of PHP is 7.2.8, which is very advance and feasible. You should update your PHP application with this version of PHP 7.2.8. This is a recommendation for you. If you have a PHP5.6 version, which is not the latest version, you will have many problems updating your PHP. For this, you need to have updated your codes, but you need to make some changes like password hashing and functional logic. Here are a few tools available for checking the deploring of your codes, and these tools will help you update your codes.

  • PHP 7 MAR
  • Phan
  • PHP 7 compatibility
  • For PHP storm, you can use PHP 7 compatibility for inspection. This tool will help you to show where you have issues in your codes.
  • (XSS) Cross-site scripting:

This tool is for web attacking who are baleful for external scripts. These external scripts are in force into these websites and the code of these websites or output. Sometimes an attacker can send infected codes that are harmful to your site, but these codes manipulate that end-user and browser cannot even recognize that they are infected codes. These attackers can quickly get access to your cookies and your other information, which are sensitive. You can protect your PHP codes and by using some tools which are readily available on the internet.


Minifiers are another simple and best way to protect your PHP codes. Minifier protects your PHP codes by pulling out the text of source codes, which are not obligatory. Some minifiers do a fantastic thing, like taking benefits from PHP to analyze your codes into the token values. Sometimes miners need more information and disorder for doing encoding and protection of your PHP codes. Minifier is a feasible and straightforward method for the safeguard of your PHP codes.


The encoder is another fantastic method for securing PHP codes. Encoder assembles source codes into the opcodes and saves the results of these codes into the files which are replaceable to the authentic files of PHP source files.

Few encoders are commercial. These encoders are very amazing and simple to use, but they need to have a loader of extensions for loading and carrying out the extension of PHP codes. These commercial encoders sometimes use the methods of encryption and algorithm methods to protect the codes of PHP. Encoders provide solutions to your code problems like byte codes and source codes. This is the simplest method. Some encoders are available. Some encoders are costly, but some encoders are available on the internet without any cost.

Here are free encoders you can use for the security of your PHP codes.

  • Nucoder
  • Ioncube encoder
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Hassan Raza

Hassan Raza

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