Signs You are Underpaid at Work and What can you do about that

Signs You are Underpaid at Work and What can you do about that

Many people having jobs are facing the major problem of underpaying. Nowadays, the economy of various companies got declined due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This may be one of the reasons today that the employees are underpaid. But, before the pandemic, many employees faced this underpaying problem. This problem is very serious and you should immediately understand that you are underpaid. If you are not able to identify, you will be in a great loss. So, here are some indications that will help you to understand that you are underpaid.

Verify the salary of your post:

One of the best methods to determine that you are underpaid is verifying the salary of the post that you own with other websites. Or else, if your company is offering a new job to any employee with the same post, verify his/her salary. If he/she is paid more than you, it indicates that your company is underpaying you. In such a case, you should raise your voice against underpaying. No matter, if the designation of the job is distinct and higher than you.

No increment in your salary:

Another sign that you’re underpaid is that the company has not increased your salary for many years. If you are surviving on the same number of digits of your salary for many years, then you are paid low. Even though the growth of the company is good and immeasurable and you are salary remains the same, it means the company pays you a lower amount of salary.

Determine the amount of work done by you:

To examine whether you are underpaid or not, verify the amount of work done by you with your salary. Also, verify the quality of your work with your salary. If you think that the quality and the amount of work done by you is more than the salary, it means you are paid less. If the company pays low even if you have high skills and a higher degree, this also a possible sign of underpaying. Always note that you are paid well according to your qualification and work quality.

Use online tools to check your salary:

There are several online tools available to check whether you are paid worthily or not. You just need to enroll in your job post and check the salary. If your salary is relatively less than the other websites, then you are underpaid.

Your friends earn more than you:

To examine whether you are underpaid, contact any of your school or college friends. Ask him/her about the income. If he/she earns more than you, then you are paid low. Or, you can also compare your salary with an employee of your organization of the same post. If the other employee is paid higher than you, this is the sign that you are underpaid.

More workload with the same salary:

If your boss is assigning you a lot of work and pays the same number of salary, then you should immediately understand that the boss is underpaying you. You must be paid according to your workload.

All the above six signs indicate that you are underpaid. You must determine that you are paid low as early as possible. After you came to know, you must take some good measures so that you will get your salary raised. But, before taking any measure, make sure that you want to continue the job in the same organization. If you decide to continue than come up with a good and better strategy.

Measure to be carried out if you are underpaid:

● Firstly, prepare a good report of yourself that will encompass all your efforts, achievements, your contribution towards the growth of the company, quality of your work, etc. Present the report to your boss and insist on him/her to raise the salary.

● If you have a job offer with the same position and higher salary, inform it to your boss. Your boss may raise your salary if your work is really payable and worthy.

Even if the above measures did not work, you can switch your job and look for higher payable work. It is beneficial for you to understand the signs of underpaying and take measures accordingly.

Last updated:7/11/2020 4:20:30 AM
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