Popular Destinations in Mali

Popular Destinations in Mali

Mali is one of the biggest nations in Africa. Located in the West Africa, it is a landlocked country with rich heritage. Mali is blessed with popular historical monuments, cultural attractions, unique religious landmarks, and beautiful natural spots which especially attract lots of tourists worldwide. Bamako is the largest city in the country and equally the capital of Mali. By visiting there, you can also explore several interesting tourist spots and enjoy trekking. Therefore, let’s take a look at some popular destinations that you should definitely visit when in Mali.

Tomb of Askia

Pyramid shaped Tomb of Askia is a must visit place. It was constructed by the Emperor Askia Mohammad during the late 15th century. This wonderful tomb was built following the West African tradition! Today, there are multiple of religious places there which are well-equipped with lights, fans, electricity and a loudspeaker while it retains its ancient historical essence.


Don’t forget to add Mopti in your bucket list. It’s an excellent town that attracts cultural groups, such as Songhai, Dogon, Tuareg, and Fulani, to sell traditional goods, spices, textiles, food, and many other great items. The market of Marche Souguni is a beautiful place for anyone who visits Mali. They can shop there and buy various little souvenirs.


Djenne is a famous city for being listed amongst the world heritage sites. This old city is occupied by oldest settlements in the West Africa since 250 B.C. It is located on an island in the enjoyable Bani River! You can also explore various mud buildings in Djenne that hold their appearance since centuries. Shop delicious spices and food, fabrics, amazing pottery in this fabulous town in Mali, especially on Monday!

National Museum of Mali

The National Museum of Mali is certainly not a place to miss. It is currently the best museum in the West Africa. Back in 1953, it was established in Bamako. You can watch 3,000 unbelievable exhibits in this museum. Plus, you get a chance to have a look at historic items of the cultural groups, clothing, and ancient musical instrument in this brilliant museum.

National Park of Mali

If you want to discover nature and plant life in Mali, you should definitely not miss visiting the National Park in the busy city of Bamako. It is a massive, pleasing park created by His Highness Aga Khan. The National Park of Mali is known to comprise of a wonderful playground, fabulous medicine garden, two restaurants, and a unique tea house. You can take your partner or entire family there to also watch the attractive species of birds! Go for cycling, running, or jogging on the nice paths in the park. Or if you want, you can work out in the exclusive gymnasium there!

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