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Types of Sharable Content You Should Focus On To Drive Traffic

Types of Sharable Content You Should Focus On To Drive Traffic

Alice Jackson 645 25-Jun-2020

Sharable content has gained immense importance in today’s digital world. A majority of market experts laid extra emphasis on creating blogs, infographics, videos etc content that users happily share with pears on social channels. This ensures that the content reaches to more target audience, which is crucial to doing online business.

No doubt, shareable content is king today. We all can notice people’s participation in comment section of blogs, videos and other type of content. Well, they comment because they are interacting with the content and are sharing it with thousands of others. Given such huge potential of sharable content in reaching to many more people, even global brands like Coca-Cola has embraced this marketing strategy by calling its strategy as ‘’Content Excellence’’.

However, before you proceed to create sharable content, check your existing website and see if its design is appropriate and user-friendly. When your sharable content drives visitors to your website, they should be impressed by its design and usefulness. So, your creative website design matters a lot for converting the visitors into your loyal customers.

What are the types of content ideas that are worth sharing and have the potential of going viral?

  1. Lists and How-to's – People like to read ideas when presented in the form of list or how-to’s. Such presentation of ideas makes an easy and quick reading and enables readers to grasp a topic in its entirety without intimidating or boring them. Many people depend on how-to guides and tips to get a quick help to a problem. If they find the lists and how-to’s of good help, they reciprocate by sharing the content through social channels.

  2. Videos and Images – Videos and images are visual mediums for conveying a message in stress-free manner. YouTube produces perhaps the most number of sharable videos and many of them go viral due to compelling content. Likewise, images also are good sharable content because of their power to evoke emotions and reaction. A well designed image or graphic with a logo whether designed by online maker tool or by professional designer is a great source to make brand memorable.

  3. Show Ugly Side of Event – Sharable content includes everything that is exciting and engaging. This means that you should not ignore even ugly side of events or negativity when thinking of creating some engaging content. While you look for events, people, ideas and places that showcase positive side of life, know that negative or ugly side also is equally attractive from sharing point of view. For example, headline ‘’worst dressed’ celebrities becomes instantly sharable as people want to know about errors that such people can make in life.

  4. Infographics – Infographics have proved their worth in catching attention of target audience. Since infographics, especially interactive infographics, carry visuals and small text, they deliver information in precise and quick manner. Therefore, infographics become instantly sharable. But you should be extra careful in creating infographics content since you will be providing updated data and relevant as well as engaging visuals.

  5. Debatable Issues – People love controversies. They want to share controversial content more than informative content due to elements of excitement. One of the ways to create controversies is to raise debatable issues in your content. If you are able to create debates on your website, it helps a lot in driving traffic from social channels to your site. Do not ignore rumors and people like to read more about what is being said about a particular person or an event. Create such a content regularly and get increasing amount of traffic.

Now that you know which type of sharable content you should be focusing on, you must also be aware of the ways to create such content. Your headline matters a lot. If headline of your blog, article, press release or white paper is catchy, it will be more sharable. So, when you are finished with doing the blog, go back to your title and make sure that it expresses the subject you have discussed in an engaging manner. A rule of thumb for writing catchy headlines is to start with numbers like '10 Fashion Blunders' and '10 Fashion Blunders That Make You A Laughing Stock'. But make sure that the title is thought-provoking. A plain title with no life in it is not going to serve the purpose.  

To conclude, we can say that if your content is engaging and sharable, you can ensure millions of hits at the speed of a click. However, try your best to create and nourish relationship with your target audience. In addition, make sure to respond to your readers or users’ queries immediately for a closer rapport with them and to show that you care about their issues.


Most engaging sharable content you should pay heed to includes lists, how to’s, videos and images, showing ugly sides of famous personalities or events, creating content on debatable issues and infographics.

Alice Jackson is a blogger and Digital Marketing Consultant at a crowdsourcing company. She is a social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, content marketing, designing trends, startup strategies, and e-commerce. When not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels.

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