What Are Content Hubs?

Some companies offer content management system (CMS) models so that businesses can pay them to use the front-end while they handle the back-end. Due to this, a business can use its CMS to create a content hub. For those that want to see if content hubs will work for their CMS, then view the information listed below.

What Are Content Hubs?

Content hubs are online spaces where people can share different types of information and categorize them according to topics. Simply put by Contentful, “a centralized content hub platform helps teams easily revise and distribute content on the fly.” This way, people can easily access new, important, and valuable information on whatever topics they search.

Content hubs stand out from other websites because they work as databases that collect information. This way, people can visit the site and find the exact information that they need without navigating search engines or doing research on their own. It provides plenty of conveniences to make the searching process easier for users.

Content Hub Components

A proper content hub needs three major features to work: a search bar, categories and filters. After all, people access content hubs to find specific information, so you should make that as easy as possible. By providing a search bar, you allow users to look up keywords and phrases to find what they want.

Categories work for generalized searches since people can quickly look through a specific topic that interests them. As for filters, users can use them to find the newest, most relevant or highest reviewed information that applies to their specific interests.

Pros and Cons

Content hubs provide pros and cons for you to consider. First, you can develop a strong and consistent community that will visit your website. This means that you will receive more ad revenue and better search engine rankings. On top of this, you have access to any information that you need.

On the other hand, you need to maintain your content hub to avoid any problems. For example, you need to check and make sure that people follow your guidelines and don't post inappropriate content. It will take money and resources to maintain it.

Should Your Business Use Content Hubs?

Your business could take advantage of content hubs, but this depends on if you can make money off of it. After all, your business wants to succeed and make a profit, so you should look through the pros and cons so that you can decide if it will work for your business.

Weighing out the pros and cons comes down to determining if the reward is worth your efforts. For those that think their business will gain rewards despite those risks, then go for it. Otherwise, use your CMS in a different way.


For those businesses that want to incorporate a content hub into its CMS, they have the opportunity to grow a community as they increase their total revenue. Make sure that you review the points above so that you can decide if content hubs will assist your business.

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