The COVID-19 has caused a huge problem to the nationwide lock down. It has also affected various businesses; whether it is small scale business or a large scale business everyone is suffering due to this lock down. However, on the contrary, it is also the best time to enhance the growth of yourself as well as your business. There is going to be a surge in jobs for software engineers once the situation is normal again after the pandemic gets over.

The changing world will require more of developers with good knowledge of new-age programming languages and techniques. So, for the ones who want to utilize their ample time during the COVID-19, here we have listed some of the advance programming languages that you can learn. In case you also want to know about website design, then our experts from website design in Mississauga can also help you re-frame you website.

Python is one of the simplest and easiest languages to understand which is used for general purpose. Python syntax is very clear and quite similar to Java and is like the natural English language. Its ‘object-based’ subject is somewhat similar to that of JavaScript. It has varieties of applications that make it a flexible and incredible language among the programming languages. Python is used for developing significant applications in data science and advanced areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).
    Swift
With each passing year, Apple’s programming language for building iOS and macOS apps is getting vigorous. When it was launched in the year2014, many of the developers decided to stick to objective-C, Swift’s decades- old processor. But, the recent modifications in Swift have added many vital features such as mobile stability and many others.

    R (Interpreted language,)
It is one of the most commonly used programming dialects for Data Science. It provides an unlikely system and implicit libraries to develop outstanding machine learning algorithms. Developer’s uses this for both structured as well as for unstructured data. It is generally used for statistical computing as graphics and since it is vector language, you can add different functions to a single vector without putting them in a loop.

    Ruby on Rails (ROR)

This programming language is ideal for building apps which requires rapid iterations. Although, it might not be the best for backend web app but it still gives you a lot of benefits if you know this language. The simplicity of code makes it trouble-free and effortless to learn and understand the language.

    JavaScript or Type Script
JavaScript is the language which is most basic and mainstream programming language among the software developers. It is light weighted programming language and also plays a vital role for the front end developers. Some of the social media platforms accept that JavaScript language successfully make your website pages to top the list.

    Go (Programming language)
Golang or Go is a programming language which is built by Google. It offers great help for multithreading and is being used by many organizations that depend massively on distributed symptoms. It is basically used in the startup companies based in Silicon Valley. This programming language is yet to be released by the Indian organizations. In case you want to join a start-up based in Silicon Valley you can learn this programming language.

    PHP
It is a programming language which is used by maintaining a personal home page (PHP). It is a general purpose programming language which is used by 80% of the companies. It is a scripting language and represents Hypertext Preprocessor that works on the server and is used to make HTML composed pages. It is very simple language which is mainly used by the beginners who just have begun their profession in the programming language.

    C#
This was created by Microsoft; it raised popularity during the 2000s for supporting ideas of object-centered programming.  It is one of the striking programming dialects for the .Net structure. Anders Hejlsberg, the maker of the C# (C Sharp) believes that this language is more similar to C++ than Java. It is more beneficial for the applications on Windows, Android, and iOS as it takes the assistance of the integrated development environment product, Microsoft Visual C++

    Ruby
This language was designed to have an increasingly human accommodating syntax structure while yet being acceptable from the stance of its object-oriented architecture that supports procedural and functioning programming notation. It is simple in learning and also requires very short time in learning it.

 It is very important that while we have enough time during this lockdown, we enhance our skills and learn variety of things that can help us to generate more and more productivity for our self. Learning these, programming languages can help you build a good position in the professional world.

Last updated:6/8/2020 4:32:53 AM
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