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3 Essential Software for Your Business Checklist App

3 Essential Software for Your Business Checklist App

Emily Watson 571 26-May-2020

A good checklist app for business processes and company organization must possess some software tools for more efficiency and workflow. The bpm software is one of such software due to its amazing features and benefits. Also included is the workflow software which covers employees’ activities, and the task management software to carry out tasks better.

These software packages stand out in any checklist app used by a company because they come with templates which make it easy to insert the tasks, as well as a dashboard for effective monitoring of tasks with editing and deleting functions.They are easy to handle and manage, meaning that an IT or tech expert is not necessarily needed, anyone can quickly master it.

The 3 Basic Software

We would be looking at the bpm software, task management software and the workflow software.

1. BPM Software

BPM stands for Business Process Management, a meeting point between the business wing in a company and its IT department. With this BPM scheme, non-IT experts can build business workflows and models for testing processes. The bpm software, however, aids businesses by letting users draw up, carry out and analyse process workflows.

Process here means communication between people or systems, such as, managing accounts, projects, complaints, invoices, recruitment and remuneration of employees. The benefits of bpm software are; cost reduction, improved accountability, customer care and efficiency, increase in company's standards, easier carrying out of tasks, and handling of competitions.

2. Workflow Software

Workflows are chains of tasks your company handles everyday. Examples include; signing a document, interviewing a new client or preparing an invoice. A workflow software therefore is an application that sees to the completion of such tasks, creating a layout of steps that the process could go through. For instance, when an employee is being recruited newly in the company, the workflow software could prepare the following processes;

1. Preparation of the needed paperwork by the HR of the company.
2. Access granted to the new employee and accounts opened by the IT department.
3. The HR gives a welcome package to the new recruit.
4. A supervisor is appointed for the new hire by the departmental manager.
5. A list of goals and duties are set up by the supervisor for the new staff.
6. The supervisor plans for meetings with the new staff to sure they are settling in comfortably.

It doesn’t just end here, the workflow software makes sure tasks are communicated effectively, this means that the person in charge of the second task let’s say the HR, cannot carry out his or her task if the person in charge of the first task has not done the needful.

Benefits which the workflow software provides are; improved enforcement and quality of processes, accountability and better staff performance. It is important to note that though the bpm software might be more expensive to purchase, it offers more functionality, but then, the workflow software has the main features you need such as enforcement and automation.

3. Task Management Software

The task management software is used for organizing tasks, drawing budgets and writing schedules. It could be seen as a digital checklist or To-Do list developed to take over the traditional use of yellow sticker notes and large white boards. It comprises tools such as the Microsoft Word and Spreadsheets, used for tracking problems and noting projects.


With these software applications in your checklist app for business, you need not bother about the growth of your business or performance of your employees. The bpm software, workflow software and task management software would keep both you and your workers diligent, as well as meet targets and beat the competition.

Updated 26-May-2020
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