What Is A Responsive Web Design? - A Complete Guide

What Is A Responsive Web Design? - A Complete Guide

Web design is an important and creative part of website creation. All individuals want to get an impressive website that can represent their business perfectly and achieve all objectives. For such a thing, they need to prepare the best and user-friendly website design. It can be possible by hiring a good web design company Melbourne.

Having a website with a responsive design is one of the best things. It helps you in serving and impressing the visitors easily. Some individuals are really trying to understand what actually a responsive design is. Mainly they want to understand what makes it different from other designs.

Responsive design is created with the use of some specific principles and techniques. It makes the design flexible by adding the capability of adjusting itself as per the screen requirements. In the following details, you can get information about 3 major components of responsive design.

Main Components Of Responsive Design

Fluid Grids

All screens are working on the basis of a specific grid system. This particular system is useful in several ways such as - adjusting the complete website. It works completely opposite as compared to other types of designs. Due to this particular feature, it is also known as the liquid layouts.

The addition of fluid grids to the design becomes helpful in the resizing of all elements as per their proportion. During such changes, the proportion of all elements remains the same on the screen. The only change that takes place is in the sizes.

Media Queries

Fluid grids are useful in handling things related to the size of the screen and all. When it comes to the smaller size of the browser, then some more challenges start appearing. In these conditions, the websites are not going to appear perfectly. As a result, users may get a bad experience.

Instead of all these things, there is a solution available in the form of a CSS style. A web designer Melbourne can fix the minimum width. It means if the size goes below the fixed bar, then nothing can appear on the screen.

Flexible Images

All elements of a website can be resized without facing an issue. When it comes to the images, then the biggest challenge appears. Most commonly, the images appear as per the original size. In case the width of an image is wider than screen size, then it completely destroys the user experience.

In these conditions, CSS can be useful. Here, CSS can direct the browsers for resizing the images automatically as per the screen requirements. It will become a reason for trouble while loading the complete website on mobile screens. Here, the resizing task may consume more time and decrease the loading speed. For tacking such a condition, the professionals are going to get help from specific responsive image attributes.

Benefits Of Responsive Design

Mobile Traffic

The biggest reason for working or planning for a responsive website is impressing mobile users. If you are running a website that needs mobile traffic more, then you should work on creating a responsive design. These types of designs can be easily loaded on the mobile screen and deliver complete data to the users with ease.

Lower Development Cost

Hiring a fully skilled web developer Melbourne is not cheap for anyone. Everyone wants to decrease the development cost and get quality results only. If you are going to design a website without paying attention to the mobile version, then it may create lots of issues. Here, you need to work on another project specifically for mobile devices. On the other hand, choosing a responsive design will help you to cut out the development cost of two different projects. Here, you can create a single website that can work on all devices equivalently including smartphones.

Lower Maintenance Cost

The work of a website is not finished with designing and development. You need to be focused on its maintenance even after that. In case you are not paying attention to the maintenance, then you may start facing issues in the website’s operations and all other related tasks. Here, you need to check out lots of things such as - functioning, new updates, and so on. Having a responsive website can make the maintenance task easier and decrease overall costs. As a result, you are capable of saving money.

Higher Loading Speed

The loading speed of a website is very important. It affects two major factors uses and SEO results. In case your website is taking too much time for getting loaded, then users will abandon it and you will not get the desired SEO ranking. In the case of responsive web design, you will get a higher loading speed of the website and all associated benefits.

Decrease Bounce Rate

Many people do not have knowledge about the bounce rate and how it affects. When anyone leaves your website before it gets loaded or in a time duration less than 1 second, then it leads to the bounce rate. Mostly, the users are leaving the website when it is taking lots of time in loading or website does not appear perfectly on the device. If you have a responsive website, then it can easily engage the users and decrease the bounce rate quickly.

More Conversions

All users are trying to get lots of leads and conversions from the website. It can be possible by delivering quality content and useful services. With all these things, the individuals are paying attention to the website’s functioning and features. In case it is not perfect as per the user’s interest that will engage them with ease. It can happen by choosing a responsive website design Melbourne. A good design will keep the users engaged and serve everything perfectly.

Better SEO Results

Search Engine Optimisation is useful in getting a higher rank. An SEO strategy will be effective if you are proceeding with a perfect website. By using a responsive website for such a task, you can get a better SEO score that can increase the chances of better ranking.

By focusing above, you are able to get lots of information about responsive design. In case you are interested in experiencing all these benefits, then you should hire the best responsive website designer.

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