Want to Find Some Peace in Andaman? Visit Chidiya Tapu

Want to Find Some Peace in Andaman? Visit Chidiya Tapu

Sunsets are really beautiful. No matter whether you experience them in a cityscape, in a desert or even on your terrace, sunsets never fail to mesmerize us. If you are visiting Chidiya Tapu in Andaman, you can rest assured that you will witness lovely sunsets that will stay in your memories forever.

About Chidiya Tapu

Also called Bird Island or Sunset Point, Chidiya Tapu is one of the best sunset points in Port Blair and a great hub for Andaman Honeymoon Tour Packages. The beach is located on the southernmost part of South Andaman. It takes over 45 minutes to reach from Port Blair as it is located 25 km south. It is one of the best sunset attractions in Port Blair. It is a quaint small village known for its resident birds, natural beauty and stunning views of sunset.

Located around 25 km from Port Blair, this small island is blessed with equatorial forests and lush green mangroves. It goes without saying this island attracts a lot of bird watchers and it has a lot of water activities to enjoy like scuba diving, snorkeling, pearl hunting, deep sea walking, and boating. The Sunset Point is truly a major draw for a lot of tourists where you can rest assured with unmatched experience.  

The beach is beautifully covered by peaceful forest and green mangroves. Though small, it is still the best choice for nature enthusiasts. You can witness over 46 endemic bird species in this place along with seasonal orchids and white spotted deer.

The road passes through deep rainforest and jungle which opens on the coastline in a lot of places. You can also find the signs like ‘beware of crocodiles’ on the way and “Beware: Crocodile Infested Beach” when you reach the Chidiya Tapu beach. It is well known to be the best spot for watching sunset from Port Blair. You can get the panoramic view of Rutland Island hills on the bay. Wait for around 45 minutes when the sun sets below the horizon to get the best colors out of it.

Munda Pahar, Sylvan Sands and Biological reserve are some of its main attractions. You can collect the sea shells along the beaches which are vivid and attractive.

The Natural Art You Can Spot

Chidiya Tapu is well known for having lush green mangroves which were affected in 2004 by tsunami. This place is enchanted with natural beauty rather than being devastated. You can spot different sizes and shapes of beautiful driftwood formations along the beach, sometimes outside and sometimes in the water. You will definitely love capturing the beautiful sunset with your loved ones.

Witness the Dramatic Changes in Shades of Sunset

When we visited Chidiya Tapu, the day we chose was not perfect thanks to cloudy weather. Luckily, it proved me wrong with rapidly changing shades of landscape. The sun was playing hide and seek to add the charm.

The Soothing Breeze

You can definitely enjoy solitude in the air over here. The winding charm is just in the air. Words can’t express the feelings of being there. Once you get there, you will realize it yourself why they praise this place. Chidiya Tapu has done something that no one in my family could expect. An extroverted person like me was calm and silent in the pleasant atmosphere.

Chidiya Tapu is really known for some of the great experiences. It was the way too different from other places in Andaman that words simply can’t express. Not just me, even my family felt the same as well. After all, it was so soothing that calmed down our heated emotions after visiting Cellular Jail. You should definitely visit this place at least once in a lifetime and relish and experience what nature has to offer. If you have visited Port Blair, be sure to take some time off to visit this sunset point.

How to Reach?

● Chidiya Tapu is located only 25 km from Port Blair. It has direct road connectivity and it takes around 45 minutes to get there.

● Port Blair has direct flights from Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, and other major cities of the country.

● You can also reach Port Blair by cruise from Kolkata or Chennai.

Some tips for travelers

● You should get there at least 1 hour earlier. Keep in mind that it’s an experience when you see the sun which dramatically sets.

● Chidiya Tapu is a biological park. So, don’t leave any plastic or litter over there.

● It doesn’t have any restaurants. If you feel that you will feel hungry there, bring your own food. You can find some street shops to buy some snacks or hot beverages.

● The main check post here has rest rooms for tourists.

● You can book a cab to take you to Chidiya Tapu and bring you back from there. You can seek help from your hotel.

● Don’t get close to the waters as crocodiles might be there.

● You can also get along the hiking trails. Hire a guide to take you there.

● It also has a small kids’ play area with some slides and swings.

● There are limited options to stay there. Be prepared to come back to Port Blair after getting there.

Bottom Line

Chidiya Tapu has attracted a lot of tourists before me. I just couldn’t hold my heart when I first heard about it. If you are getting there, don’t miss Munda Pahad beach which is truly mesmerizing. The biological park is well planned to protect its natural charm. It also has some beautiful trekking paths that will keep you awe-struck. For more information visit : https://www.andamanbliss.com/

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