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8 Best Career Options for Pet Lovers

8 Best Career Options for Pet Lovers

Jamie Hytten1469 26-Apr-2020

Choosing the right career is very crucial for your future. Your one decision will affect your entire life, so you need to think wisely before finalizing anything. If you want to succeed in life, you need to commit to your work and the choices you’ve made. Don’t follow the masses; rather focus on what you love and you’ll find the way. Apart from all the ordinary jobs, you can also make a career in pet industry. Yes, you read that right! If you’re a pet lover and have been struggling to find the right career path, you have arrived at the right place.

If you are passionate about something, convert that into your career and you’ll never have to complain about work. Thus, if you’re a pet lover, working with animals will be like a walk in the park! Keep on reading to find out what kind of interesting and well-paying jobs you can land which lets you work with animals!

1. Pet Photographer

For people who want to be self-employed and live with their own rules, this is the perfect job for them. Doing pet photography is not only fun, but also pays very well. You do need to posses certain skills and knowledge of photography and also know how to handle pets. They won’t just wait around and pose for you; the pets need to be distracted in order to capture the perfect picture.

You just need to master the art of photography; other things will follow automatically. Moreover, this is a field where you can be flexible with timings and charge any price you want, depending on your skills and experience. Thus, if you have an eye for creativity, this is the perfect job for you!

2. Dog Sitter

Dog sitter is one of the most common jobs across the country. Many people are inclined towards this job as it doesn’t take up all of their time and pays a decent amount. However, please note this job may require you to keep the dog at your home, so ensure you have all the necessary items available. As this job involves more effort, you can also charge more. If you’ve done dog walking in past, this is almost the same, just one level further. So, dog sitting can be a great start to your career if you live in a populated area.

3. Veterinary Assistant

Studying for Vet Tech or Veterinary Assistant is the second best choice, first is studying to be a vet. The main work of a vet tech is to assist vet during procedures, consulting, giving anesthesia or providing any treatment. Degree course as well as diploma option is available and it is usually of 2 to 3 years.

4. Animal Trainer

By doing this work, you could be the next animal whisperer! Being an animal trainer has its own perks and lets you explore many options. You don’t need to posses a certain degree, but it helps to have knowledge of animal behavior and skill to train and handle them. The experience can be easily gained by volunteering at a shelter as it will give you an insight on their behavioral patterns. Moreover, you can do this job while travelling as well as by staying at home.

5. Veterinarian

The best job in the industry is of a veterinarian. By far it is the highest paying job in this field. However, remember that this job comes with a big responsibility. It’s indeed a demanding job but also very rewarding. Veterinary surgeons look after every health issue of a dog or any other animal. From fleas and ticks treatment, to surgeries, they have a solution for everything. For becoming a veterinarian, you need to study a degree course to be qualified for treating animals. This is one of the best jobs if you’re serious about working with pets.

6. Animal Nutritionist

More and more people are becoming aware of the effect wrong diet has on their pet’s health. By becoming an animal nutritionist, you will have to consult pet parents about the dietary needs of their pets and assist them in maintaining their pet’s health. Moreover, dogs might need diet based on their health issues, so you will need to take everything into account before coming up with a diet plan.

7. Pet Groomer

Being a pet groomer is one of the most enjoyable and profitable business ideas. You can do the business at a location such as your home or do house calls. You do need to acquire a certificate for this, but other than that, it’s quite easy to get into dog grooming business. If you’re good at your job and there’s high demand, there’s no limit to the amount you charge per hour.

8. Animal Welfare Instructor

By studying in animal science or obtaining a certificate in animal criminology, you can become animal welfare instructor. Moreover, it also requires intensive training's which involves emotional and physical challenges. If you can work well under pressure and stress, you will excel this job. Many animals are suffering in this world, and if you’re here to make a change in their lives, this is the right way for you. By preventing animal cruelty, you are preserving their life and stopping the malicious activities.

There are numerous options available when it comes to working with animals. You just need to find your niche and work towards it. Most pet lovers adopt a dog or a cat, but you can do more than that; you can help the animals around you and make a living out of it!

Updated 15-Sep-2020
Jamie Hytten is a Birmingham based content writer & guest blogger, he loves to share his knowledge & experiences of pet health care through his articles. When he is not writing, Jamie loves to spend time with his family & their dog Roco.

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