Optimize in the app store: 5 tips

Optimize in the app store: 5 tips

Like SEO, there are methods that optimize the discovery and download of applications within stores through search or by being placed in the area of featured apps.

ASO as it is defined “in English” by its acronym App Store Optimization is the technique of improving the positioning of applications through the use of keywords, this with prior study of end users and their search methods.

Facilitating ASO for our applications also includes various factors that I present below:

1 / Application title

One of the most important elements is the name of the application, since it is the one that will be indexed in the search and will be visible to the end user. You must ensure that the name includes the keyword in which you define the application, it is very common to see the name of the application followed by a short description, a very common technique to cover this point.

2 / Keywords in the application

Doing a study of the potential users of our application will yield relevant information about their search habits and will give us guidelines about those keywords that are related to our application, which we must include.

When uploading an application in both stores there is a section where they ask us for keywords, this with the same purpose of helping the store to index it, right here we must also include the same keywords.

3 / Description

Within the description you will have a wider space to include your keywords, it includes extra links, social networks and relevant information about the version, which includes the application and generally describes the experience of use, this in order to call the attention to new users.

4 / Number of downloads

Although not as relevant at first. It is a good indicator that helps to be placed in the ranking or the top of the most downloaded, since it helps make it much more visible and accessible to new users.

5 / Ratings and Reviews

Something that the App Store is limited but not in the Google Play Store, is the ability to respond to the ratings in the app store, the quality of our application is very important. Respond in a timely manner to any type of comment and make the pertinent changes. You can purchase cheap android app reviews from 5xAppReviews dot com and increase your app authority.

Finally, do not forget to integrate the functionality within your app to request ratings, since this element encourages us to have more and more.

Last updated:4/20/2020 1:48:43 AM
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