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12 Latest Blouse Design For Styling Your Saree in 2020

12 Latest Blouse Design For Styling Your Saree in 2020

saanvi Ghosh730 09-Apr-2020

Blouse designs are an important factor while choosing your saree or lehenga. However, today there has been a recent upsurge in the trend of blouse designs for saree as well as lehenga. Here are some latest blouse designs for sarees which are very much in demand for 2020.

Velvet blouse design

Stretchable and easily available for any occasion, velvet blouse designs offer some excellent patterns which are comfortable and splendid at the same time.

Backless tasseled blouse design

Sounds like an oxymoron but backless and tassels can be easily added together. Keepin the maximum portion of your back visible, you can add tassels either around the neck or below around your bikini line. Remember, if you choose a backless tasseled blouse, go for a saree which is more or less simple because as it is the blouse is going to be a gorgeous one.

Embroidered blouse design

An embroidered blouse design enough to break your traditional look and give you a rocking outfit. Go for an off shoulder blouse in multiple neck and patterns to keep heads turning for you.

Sport a leather blouse design

This might not be an exclusively wedding choice but can be very well opted for your pre or post wedding ceremonies. And the best thing about it is you don’t have to get any other accessories to uplift your look. The right blouse design with the matching saree is absolutely amazing for you to sport it.

High- neck blouse

Latest in trend and under extreme demand, high-neck blouses are perfect to get a Bollywood inspired look. It looks extremely neat, cool and chic.

Graffiti blouse design

Graffiti blouse design has various graffiti art on them be it different shades or patterns or customized according to the choice of graffiti you want.

Blouse design with knots and bow

In the wide trend of latest blouse designs, a simple blouse with knots and bow brings a fresh feeling. You would never feel short of fashion sense with a blouse design with knots and bow. This simple round neck blouse design with thread work is always going to your first choice.

Caped blouse designs

If you don’t want to carry an extra dupatta with you, you can rely on the dupatta attached to your blouse design. These are the blouse designs with disguise.

Keyhole blouse design

Keyholes can be placed anywhere within your blouse design in any pattern or style. A small keyhole from the back or the front allows you to show a glimpse of your body yet keeping it under covers. Also it does not appear suffocating and uncomfortable.

Bell sleeves blouse design

They are bell patterns hanging from the arms opening wide and loose. You can add small tassels to them to go stylish and unconventional.

Sequin embellished blouse design

Sequin embellished blouse designs of elbow length are every girl’s choice. You can wear them for any occasion, anywhere you want to. There remains a variety of designs to be incorporated in them.

Puff sleeve blouse designs

Mostly seen in Bengali brides, puff sleeve blouses can either be puffed at the shoulders like heated up popcorns or if short sleeved can be entirely puffed. Puff sleeved blouse designs are ethnic and stylish and are appropriate for any occasion.

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